The wedding day is the most memorable day in every girl’s life. They wish to look graceful and classy at the time. Besides, they need to be comfortable with the overall look as well. 

Anyone with any sense of fashion can wear an amazing Banarasi saree to add a traditional touch. The trend of wearing Banarasi sarees on the wedding day has become a ritual now. 

Generally, the zari of an authentic Banarasi saree is made of pure gold or silver. However, to make it lighter and pocket-friendly, the zari work is made of Meena work nowadays. The bride can easily carry these Banarasi sarees for the whole day to look gorgeous and attractive. There are different types of Banarasi sarees available in the market at different prices.

Types of Banarasi sarees

  • Shattir Banarasi
  • Zari and silk with kora design Banarasi.
  • Pure silk Banarasi.
  • Jangla Banarasi
  • Tanchoi Banarasi
  • Tissue Banarasi
  • Georgette Banarasi
  • Cut work Banarasi
  • Butidar Banarasi
  • Jamdani Banarasi

Apart from all these kinds, the fusion of Banarasi sarees with other fabrics also brings a different essence. From the above-mentioned list, the pure silk Banarasi sarees are brought by people very commonly.   

Color option

According to the bride’s complexion, you should choose the color of the Banarasi. The most common and simple colors in Banarasi sarees are yellow, pink, red, blue, green, white, black, orange, and many more. 

Besides, you can look for a combination of these colors which will definitely go amazingly with the bridal make-up and beautiful ornaments.

Choose the perfect one

Choosing a perfect Banarasi saree for a bride is not an easy task. Along with the gorgeous smile and other expressions of the bride can make everything look amazing on her. However, there are several tips that you should follow at the time of choosing the Banarasi for the wedding day.


The complexion of your skin is a crucial factor in this case. If you can choose the exact colored Banarasi, it can upgrade your appearance at a glance. The brides with wheatish complexions can go for bright blue, red, and mustard-yellow to look flawless. 

A paler complexioned bride can choose lighter colors such as soft yellow, peach, or pink to carry the overall look in a great way. Last but not least the olive-complexioned girls should have dark shades of red, brown, or shades in bronze, silver, and gold as well.

Different body shapes:

You can look smarter by choosing the right Banarasi according to your body shape. The brides with short and heavier body shapes should go for the Banarasi sarees with vertical prints, soft colors, and thinner borders.

Similarly, brides with tall and thinner shapes should go for the Banarasi sarees with bold colors and thicker borders. This tip is the most essential one to be followed by you while choosing the perfect Banarasi sarees for brides.

Ceremony timing:

Another important factor is the time of the ceremony. For an evening ceremony, you should choose dark shades in red, black, or green. However, for any daytime ceremony, you need to choose lighter shades in yellow, pink, blue, and many more. 

The above-mentioned tips can be helpful to you to choose the best piece of Banarasi for the wedding day. Apart from these factors, you should understand the importance of pre-wedding ceremonies. By doing the same, you will be able to select a number of Banarasi sarees for different rituals accordingly. 

Hopefully, you can now choose a wedding Banarasi saree according to the bride’s overall look, ornaments, body shape, and complexion to bring the best fashion sense to the functions.

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