Awesome Ways to Style ‘One T-shirt’ for a Week 

“You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kesha
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • And Emma Watson

What do they have in common besides loads of money and fame?


Yes! All four of them can carry a T-shirt with style and grace.

However, the bigger question here is how you can pull off one t-shirt all week without looking miserly or miserable.

There are some great options to help you pull off the most stylish look with a single item in your wardrobe.

Every woman’s wardrobe does carry a T-shirt, especially college-going and teenage girls. These provide a relaxed and comfortable look during the peak summer seasons and are useful for wearing under the hoodie on a chilly winter day. Also, it gives you a chance to enjoy Dressing on a Budgetsaving your time and money!

Now is the time we reveal you the 12 secrets on how you can easily pull off the best look using a single T-shirt for the week.

Combine Black with Black

Black with Black t-shirt women

Though many women loathe the idea of wearing the same color from head to toe, if you have a black t-shirt in the wardrobe, then even better. It is one of the more natural looks to pull off. You can also make your own t-shirt online with your preferred prints to suit up your black t-shirt and pair it with black pants, a jacket, shoes, and a handbag. We’re confident that this look will make heads turn.

Mini-Skirt and Plain Black T-Shirt

 Mini-Skirt and Plain Black T-Shirt

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If you are going out with friends for the weekend, it is time to up the ante with some plain black t-shirt. Although a pair of toned legs would help to pull off this look, you are beautiful every way. Let your legs be the start by choosing a mini-skirt. You can go for either combining the t-shirt with a black or a brightly patterned mini skirt. We promise you will stand out from the rest at the club or anywhere you are.

The Midi Skirt Combination

 The Midi Skirt Combination

We know how obsessed you women are in love with a midi skirt, and with all honesty, the trend is something to love, especially when it is front and center. Combine the midi skirt with a pair of that black t-shirt, and you can tuck it in to get a more refined look. Moreover, you can also tuck it in the front and let it hang freely to get that fashionable look with ease.

High-Waist Jeans

 High-Waist Jeans with the black t-shirt

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At present, a stylish way to give off a casual look with the black t-shirt is by combining it with a pair of high-waist jeans, whether it is vintage or reworked. You can choose from skinny, wide-leg, or the flared look and get the best look. One can also roll the bottom of the jeans a bit and combine with a pair of boots for a more fashionable look.

The Slip Dress

We have witnessed many celebrities pull-off the look from the 70s and 90s with grace. It is your time to shine with the slip dress and t-shirt combo. Combine the black t-shirt with a pair of sneakers, ankle boots under the slip dress for the weekend with friends or date night. Make sure to look for a t-shirt fitting your body type or find one with more stretch.

Skirts and T-Shirt

 Skirts and  black t-shirt

For those of you believe that the color black, especially in t-shirts is only for casual outings, think again. You can combine a black t-shirt with a lace or taffeta formal skirt for that evening look.

Wear a Flannel

Wear a Flannel

When it comes to carrying off as taking care of your stylish side, winters offer the best opportunity. The staple of every woman’s wardrobe is a flannel shirt. However, rather than buttoning up the shirt, we recommend you let it open and show off the black t-shirt underneath. It is coolness and simplicity combined in one great look.

A Pair of Overalls

Those of you who always want to be aware of the top fashion trends, overalls are all the rage now. Although many fashionistas combine overalls with a cropped top, we recommend you use the black t-shirt from your wardrobe to get a trendy look. The look is bound to get attention from all. You might have seen top Fashion Bloggers following this trend nowadays- They are going gaga over this, it seems!

Under the Lace Tank Top

To carry off this look, you would need to buy a bralette and substitute it for a camisole with spaghetti straps. Later, you can add lace, velvet, silk, and satin, which will add the chic element to your overall attire combined with the casual t-shirt. The one thing, which you need to remember is to provide an excellent finishing touches with vintage ripped jeans.

The Suit

Now, we know that not everyone wears a complete suit all the time at the workplace. A great idea would be to carry matching top and pants. In short, combining two different wardrobe items is what you need to pull off this look. The last thing you should consider is putting on a t-shirt with the combination.

The main idea here is to take the suit out of its corporate looks and give it a tacky look. You can also combine a pajama and blazer with a printed t-shirt to make a unique fashion statement. This combination will be a conversation starter and a style statement in one.

Go Colorful

Consider carrying off a white crewneck t-shirt for a more casual look. Color can quickly get you anywhere. We recommend you tuck in a bright white t-shirt into a red midi skirt and a jewelry piece as a necklace. There is no doubt the combination would provide a quirky look with the perfect balance of fashion, function, and comfort.

Pencil Skirt

When sweating it out in the park, we recommend you combine a white t-shirt with a black stretch-cotton pencil skirt. Combine that with sneakers, which are more of monochrome style and not the white ones.

So, hey gorgeous, get ready with just ‘one t-shirt’ of yours, style it in different ways, and get ready to look stunning right away.



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