Sometimes life shows difficult times when a spouse passes away, circumstances change, or that you simply fall out of love and the best decision for both of you is to be happy with other people. Second marriages are really special- as it is a second chance, a new beginning to start the happiness.

Most of the time, the couple would feel more empowered, knowing the fact that they are much more comfortable with what they want. Tricky thing is to find the perfect partner for which widow’s marriage bureau helps a lot.

Tips to plan Second marriage 

The truth is, the second wedding could be whatever you want it to be there are some tips

Wear whatever you want to wear:

it depends on you, go for 10 wedding dresses and change every hour. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, it could be not a pantsuit or casual neither wear- but if nor just skip it.

Consider the guest list twice:

choose a direction of the second wedding; you may relax on some of the formalities for the guest, as well. Keeping in mind any expectations, you placed on them for the last wedding.

Leave some formalities:

Indian wedding is full of customs and formalities if you felt bound to tradition during the first wedding day. You may choose a lowly reception venue, a daytime casual wedding function or have a wedding ritual in a temple. Nevertheless, being traditional would also not be a problem it is totally up to you.

Traditional family roles:

either of your kids would get opportunities to participate in the ceremony. as a flower girl, young groomsmen, or bridesmaids, sharing reading during the ceremonies, even walking you down the aisle- there are many ways in which children could be included

Make it big or small:

many people advise you to keep your second wedding small and intimate and if you want to, go for that. Some people do not feel the need to go through all of the fuss a second time. However, many of them want to have a blowout bash, then go ahead and have it.

Gifts are an important part of any occasion and wedding especially, even if you specify that you do not want gifts, there will still be family members or a friend who wants to buy you something to mark the occasion. Therefore, it is better to have something you would love to use.

Inviting the exes or their families: some families are big-hearted in accepting second marriage, some with the present partner. Punjabi marriage bureau helps to find a perfect partner who is compatible and will consider all the upcoming situations and would be able to handle it

Having a bachelorette or wedding shower:

this is a trickier one. “In my opinion, if it is the bride’s first marriage, yes, you may have a shower. If it is the second time then there are already many things needed for starting adult life in her own home, such as pots and pans, etc.



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