Bohemian style has transitioned from a cultural dressing style to a fashion trend. Today, every fashion lover desires to have a piece of bohemian-style clothing because of the fashionable look, comfort, and versatility. The bohemian style allows you to combine different pieces together to align with your sense of fashion. In addition, the fact that bohemian fashion does not have any strict rules indicates that you have complete creative freedom with your bohemian outfit match-ups. 

Here are eight common bohemian-style pieces that you need in your wardrobe.

Long Maxi Dress

Every boho fashion lover needs to have a maxi dress, not only for comfort but femininity. Unlike skinny dresses, a maxi dress allows you to move freely because of the loose-fitting bottom. The loose nature of the maxi dress makes it perfect for every body type; hence, ideal for plus-size individuals. Boho Dresses come in different prints (floral, paisley, geometric) and colors, which gives you several options to adhere to the bohemian vibe. A statement necklace, gladiator boots or pom-pom sandals, a huge finger ring, and a denim jacket will give you a classy and trendy look.

Short Tunic Dress

A boho-chic tunic dress is perfectly designed for fashion lovers who desire to look daring and who enjoy comfort. Commonly, short tunic dresses are made from soft and thick fabric, making them an ideal summer outfit. To attain a boho look, you need to have a pair of boots with a fedora hat. Also, you can consider a short kaftan dress made from cotton or linen fabric. For a short kaftan or flowing dress, you will need to pair it with jewelry and nude boots.

Long Boho Skirts

Boho skirts became popular in the 1960s, and stills remain fashionable. A boho skirt is usually long and flowing and is designed using tiers from different color fabrics and prints. The perfect fashion complements for boho skirts are embroidered vests, loose tops, and floppy hats. Also, spruce up your look by pairing your boho skirt with a plaid or flannel shirt tied around the waist.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are ideal for people new to bohemian-style fashion since the skirts are boho chic. Also, you should have a maxi skirt in your wardrobe for hippie-style clothing. Maxi skirts are suitable for people who do not prefer maxi dresses because of their elongation. With a maxi skirt, you will be sure to be cinched at the waist. In addition, a maxi skirt gives you options as you can pair it with different tops.

Harem (Hippie) Pants

Harem pants have become a trendy bohemian-style fashion for both men and women because the billowy features and unique silhouette offer a sense of breath and airiness. The baggy characteristic of harem pants makes gives you more freedom of movement, explaining why some people use them for yoga practice. Most people love harem pants because you don’t need to try hard to look fashionable. Women can pair harem pants with tank tops, loose wavy curls, and a scarf.

Boho-Chic Tops and Bohemian Style Evening Dresses

A boho-chic top might look like a cultural attire but will give you a hippie fashion look when paired with maxi skirts or dhoti pants. Outfits that flow, cascade are known to offer a boho look, especially when paired with statement jewelry. Adding a bohemian-style evening dress to your clothing collection will give you a boho look for evening occasions.

Bohemian Printed Kurtis and Jumpsuits

Bohemian-printed kurtis are great for people new to boho fashion because of the unique design and prints. Nonetheless, if you are deeply in boho fashion, a bohemian kurtis is a perfect piece for your wardrobe, especially one with an ikat, baltic, or pochampally prints. On the other hand, a printed jumpsuit paired with a bandana or log scarf can help you add a boho vibe to your attire.

Nude Colored Boots and Gladiator Sandals

As a bohemian fashionista, you need to have different designs of nude or camel color boots to pair with your boho outfits. Also, a pair of gladiator sandals with pom-poms can add a boho charm to your outfit. Ankle gladiator boots are perfect for kurtis and long skirts, whereas knee-length ones are perfect for short dresses, skirts, and shorts.


Bohemian-style clothing guarantees a fashionable look regardless of age or body size. Investing in these bohemian-style clothing pieces will give you a chance to enjoy comfort, express your personality, and realize a boho charm.



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