A beautiful and convenient wallet for a woman is one of the great ways to bring a little more comfort and positive emotions into daily life. A wallet is an accessory that accompanies us everywhere, and which we often use during the day. So, that is why it should certainly have a pleasant design and suit us in many ways. Surprisingly, such little things help women to feel much more comfortable and confident.

As you know, fashion is that we like, and every person has his own preferences. However, being aware of fashion trends and choosing the best for yourself – is the very correct decision. The female look consists of dozens of little things, and every season we refresh our wardrobes with new accessories and relevant things, but there are also those that we purchase for a longer period. One of these accessories is a women’s wallet, to the choice of which each of us attitudes with greater care and seriousness. This is absolutely justified because the wallet is able to say a lot about its owner – it is enough just to look at its appearance.

A little from the history

An interesting fact is that something like wallets existed almost at all times, they just had very unusual forms and places where they were held.

For example, sometimes wallets are more reminded of small handbags or pouches, in which people carried precious stones and other items that were considered valuable at that time. Ladies used folds of clothing instead of a wallet or made some kind of jewellery from coins or stones. As for the men, they kept banknotes in their boots or in other shoes. 

Purses with a frame in the form of a lira were also in fashion, but a little later, purses on the belt became relevant. They were mainly used by women and were located under the upper skirt. Over time, the wallet acquired the outlines that we are already used to seeing, and now we cannot imagine our life without such a convenient accessory.

Not only a wallet

In modern society, a woman’s purse is like a business card of her mistress, as it is easy to determine the character and preferences of the person by it. For example, if you like simplicity and lightness everywhere, you will most likely choose the laconic model of one colour. On the contrary, if you like to be bright, you will probably give your preference to juicy shadows.  

Which one to choose?

In order to declare your great taste to the whole world, as well as to meet all fashion trends, we have prepared some tips that will help you make the right choice.

  • Form 

Most models of women’s wallets are represented by three main forms: a classic rectangular, a square with several sections and an envelope. Of course, you can meet other forms, as well as some variants of classical models, however, the principle remains the same. 

Rectangular womens bifold wallets with zippers are perhaps the most common and popular group of models, which are most often liked by ladies. This is not surprising, as this wallet can fit almost everything – from bills and coins, to credit cards, business cards, checks and even a mobile phone!

However, if you prefer small handbags, give your preference to a square shape, which is quite roomy and convenient to use too. Such wallets are a fashionable and popular accessory, especially among young girls who prefer comfort and a minimum of things in their handbags.

Purse bags, which can be used both as a bag and as a purse, are still in fashion, and knitted models look especially original. Besides it, in the coming season, designers are happy to offer us wallets in an unusual design: in the shape of a heart or a circle.

Which model to choose is a matter of your personal taste and preferences. When buying, be sure to twist it in your hands and look at it from different sides in order to feel that it is convenient for you.

  • Material and fashionable design

No wonder, wallets made of natural leather are always in fashion, such things are able to emphasize your sense of taste and style. 

If you want to choose something extraordinary, pay attention to classic lacquered models made of crocodile or snake skin, which, as well as possible, will emphasize the elegance of your look. Those who like lighter and more vivid models can give their preference to bright prints and colours, for example, leopard or cage, which is so fashionable this season. 

Now you can find a lot of purses for everyday wear of different colours and prints: classic black and brown models remain popular and relevant, and red, lilac, purple, mint, orange and other flesh colours and shades are in fashion. Models with a minimum number of accessories and fasteners, which are made in discreet colours, can be also found in fashion shops. You can also meet models for special occasions that can be chosen for parties and holidays. Such wallets can be decorated with numerous rhinestones and stones.

  • Quality

All stitches of the seam must go with the same “pitch”, that is, the size of the stitches should be absolutely identical. In high-quality wallets, all seams are smooth, and no zigzags, even barely noticeable, are allowed.

For maximum reliability of the firmware, along with a flawless seam, the skin around the perimeter is sometimes pressed/glued. This approach is chosen by brands whose wallets have been serving for decades.

The accessories of the wallet must be of the highest quality, especially the button. It must be steel or brass, qualitatively and reliable fixed in the material of the wallet. You will open this button often, and you certainly won’t think about opening it carefully. As for the buttons on the wallet, they should sit in their sockets tightly. The stroke of the button should not be too easy, but also not tight, so as to pull it out comfortable.



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