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All birth charts have been divided into houses into which celestial bodies like planets enter and exit at various time during the whole year. Considering the change that the US has experienced as a nation over the last few years, the political climate indicates a lot more changes will occur over the next few years. Astrologers in the US would be able to look at the current situation and assist both organizations and individuals. 

Uncertain Future  

The sudden advent of the Coronavirus has shown how vulnerable and unpredictable the future really is. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize the services of the best astrologer in USA for success both for organizations and for individuals. As many astrologers have surfaced over time, the services of only the most experienced ones must be tapped. In personal lives, they have the capability to work out which marriages, whether love or arranged, will stand the test of time. This will be better understood by the following facts. 

A happy marriage has been invariably due to planets like Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury supporting birth charts. As per the astrologers, specific planets in the 5th or 7th houses will result in a happy marriage when coupled with a strong Venus influence.    

 Western Astrology Vs. Vedic Astrology 

The placement of planets influences human events, and this forms the basis of all astrological studies. Most people in the US understand the concept of Western astrology. Although it is perfectly right to adhere to this system, another system that approaches the same science a little differently is Vedic astrology. Between the two, the biggest difference is in terms of the use of two different systems to divide 12 constellations in a year. 

Western astrology adheres to a fixed zodiac system that defines a year, and this leads to the dates with all the 12 zodiac signs which begin on March 21 with Aries. In contrast, Vedic astrology deploys a movable zodiac system that uses corrective systems called ayanamsas for taking equinoxes into consideration. Despite Aries being the first sign in Vedic astrology as well, it starts on April 14 as per corrective calculation. It gets the name ‘Mesha Rashi’ in Vedic astrology. 

Although both forms of astrology use maths for calculations, Vedic astrology is known to use more of it. As a result, Indian astrologers using the Vedic form are known to provide more accurate predictions. While several astrologers are settled in the US already, others visit here from time to time. Due to the large Indian diaspora in America, the demand for such professionals is high.  

Advantages of using Principles of Vedic Astrology   

Vedic astrology is widely regarded as one of the oldest sciences in the world. Information about these principles was originally passed on from sages to mortals for them to interpret the predictions. Vedic astrology is often regarded as God’s gift that’s been passed via the sages. Using its principles is advantageous in the following ways:

  • It helps an individual know himself or herself better, resulting in spiritual growth
  • Guidance for love, marriage, money, success, health, and happiness can be obtained through it
  • As mentioned earlier, calculations help Vedic astrologers know about happiness in a person’s life. Vedic astrology stresses on the importance of timing in life, which is important not just for success but also for being careful.
  • Corporate companies can also determine their futures through Vedic astrology. Business conditions can be forecasted and it can be known whether they’re favourable or unfavourable at specific times. Astrologers get to address large gatherings in US companies. 

Misconceptions of Astrological (Astronomical) Proportions 

Different misconceptions about the astrology of both types have existed since time immemorial. For instance, few people think as if it astrological knowledge can alter destinies completely, which does not hold true. Futures can be changed only when individuals or companies work towards shaping them. No spiritual text advocates humans to stop working hard and only base their actions on predictions. Instead of changing destinies, it does recommend making outstanding efforts to build futures and reduce durations of bad periods.   

Vedic Astrology as a Science

Not too many would know that Vedic astrology was originally referred to as the word ‘Jyotish, or the science of light. Therefore, it comes across as no surprise that technology has helped it evolve as a science both at the macro and the micro-levels. The time during which Vedic astrology was originally practiced was much before actual recorded history. 

As mentioned earlier, astrology is a complex maze of calculations to track future occurrences, which are often helpful as business intelligence for companies. Other than this, it is also used for judging an individual’s destiny and for daily necessities like wedding planning, harvesting, and planting grains. Similar systems of astrology have also been seen in other cultures such as the culture of ancient Babylon. Dates of festivals and holidays are also determined through astrology.    



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