In 2018, approximately 18 million people underwent cosmetic procedures. And, that year, the fifth most popular type of surgery was the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), with 130,081 patients receiving it.

For many people, tummy tucks are the best way to remove excess skin and sagging after childbirth, weight loss, or other bodily changes. They leave patients with a smooth and sculpted midsection, and after removing extra skin, they look much leaner. 

Are you thinking of getting an abdominoplasty? If so, keep reading to find out three important facts about tummy tucks! 

1. Patients Should Be Near Their Goal Weight 

If you’ve already lost some weight, you may be eager to get your procedure. Yet, you should know that the procedure has the best results when you are already at or near your goal weight. 

So, if you have over 15 pounds to lose, wait a few months before considering surgery. Then, when you reach your goal, you can reward yourself with this surgery

2. There Are Different Types of Tummy Tucks

If you’ve ever seen tummy tuck before and after pictures, you know that the procedure leaves a scar in the lower abdomen. However, the size of tummy tuck scars depends on which type of tummy tuck a patient gets: traditional, extended, or mini tummy tuck. 

A mini tummy tuck removes skin around your belly button, which creates a leaner lower abdominal. However, it doesn’t include repairing abdominal muscles. 

Traditional tummy tucks are more involved. It repairs stretched abdominal muscles and removes extra skin and tissue. Moreover, some people choose to combine this procedure with liposuction for even greater results.

The most comprehensive procedure is an extended tummy tuck. People who have lost a significant amount of weight are usually good candidates for this surgery. In it, surgeons remove excess skin from the abdomen, back, hips, and thighs and repair the muscles in these areas. 

Remember that tummy tuck cost depends on how extensive your procedure is, but your doctor should let you know which one is right for you. 

3. It Takes Time to Recover After a Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck, patients need to take some time to recover at home. However, they can usually walk as long as they don’t straighten their torso completely. 

After a week or so, the drains in patients’ surgical areas are removed, and they can drive a car again. However, they aren’t able to move much until about two weeks post-operation. So, they usually don’t return to work until at least two weeks after the surgery. 

All in all, it takes about six to eight weeks for patients to feel recovered. 

Finding a Reputable Surgeon for Your Tummy Tuck

So, how much is a tummy tuck? Of course, the answer will depend on which type you want to get and where you live. So, the best way to find out the cost is by researching local clinics in your area. 

Once you find the perfect clinic, schedule a consultation to learn more about getting a tummy tuck!

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