If you are planning for a trip to Jaisalmer, there are some things that you need to keep in mind beforehand. The best time to visit Jaisalmer is from October – March when the weather is cool and pleasant. The raw texture and harshness that is associated with the wilderness appeal to some tourists who come here for camel safaris or just to get away into nature. Others find this place too remote and uninviting so they prefer staying in a town where there are many hotels available in all price ranges and a variety of distractions. For the benefit of fellow travelers and adventurers, this article lists down a few things you should keep in your mind before starting for Jaisalmer.

Study Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a desert city in Rajasthan, India. Jaisalmer was the capital of the princely state of Marwar (Jodhpur State) until 1947 when it became part of newly independent India. The city lies about 200 km west of Jodhpur and about 230 km northwest of Bikaner. It has an estimated population of 150,000 people. The people of Jaisalmer are mainly engaged in the hotel business, tourism industry, and trade. Their food is mainly vegetarian. They eat less spicy foods than many other Indians. Many international and domestic tourists visit this place round the year. The desert city of magic and mystery will keep you awake at night with lots of things happening under the moonlight.

How to travel

The safest mode of transport available is by hiring a car and driver. The use of the railways has been discontinued for several years while flights to Jaisalmer are often delayed due to bad weather conditions. Some tour operators in Rajasthan offer both group and independent tours with any itinerary you choose, including all types of Indian and international tour packages. Jaisalmer is one of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan and most tours cover parts of this area. One can also do self-drive or travel by train or bus through this route. Jaisalmer is well connected with the major destinations of Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. It has one airstrip which operates several flights daily. This city has several buses that run day and night to connect between cities in Rajasthan. You can also book your tickets online using the IRCTC website.

Places to visit

This city is full of major tourist attractions that are eagerly waiting to be explored. There are numerous monuments, temples, forts, etc., erected in the year 1156 A.D. by Rawal Jaisal who was a king of this kingdom which belonged to the Bhati clan of Rajputs. Some places worth visiting are Jal Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon ki Haveli, Sonar Killa (Golden Fort), Sam Sand Dunes & Khuri. One can also visit the most beautiful lake in Rajasthan known as the Sam Sand Dunes which is located just 20 kilometers away from Jaisalmer. There are plenty of opportunities for photography around Jaisalmer, including the surrounding desert landscape, temples, forts, and palaces. This place has become a major attraction among tourists because of its amazing colors reflecting on the sands & experiencing some of the best sunsets. It is advisable to go out early in the morning before the sun starts drying up water from this lake. You can also enjoy a camel safari here under the moonlight near Sam Sand Dunes which will make your trip memorable.

Stay in Jaisalmer

If you’re planning to stay at one of the luxury hotels in Jaisalmer, make sure that you get a hotel that is located within city limits and not on the outskirts of town. There are plenty of hotels and resorts available in Jaisalmer within reasonable price ranges. There is a shortage of drinking water in Jaisalmer so make sure you carry bottled mineral water when you go out. If you are staying in luxury resorts, etc., they will provide fresh, clean drinking water for their guests. It is advisable to carry some snacks and other food items when you travel by car because there are not many good restaurants available in the city after dark. Some of your luxury hotels provide 24-hour room service if you need food at out-of-the-ordinary hours.

Shopping sites

Jaisalmer is a paradise for shopping lovers. There are several local markets available in the city where you can buy excellent quality Rajasthani textiles, jewels, etc. You can shop from some of the best emporiums and department stores in India which offer numerous types of products at incredible prices. The architectural design of many of these malls is a combination between modern and traditional. The Havelis in the city are known for their intricate designs and paintings that can be seen all over Rajasthan. These paintings show a very vivid picture of the lifestyle of people in jaisalmer during the 19th century in India. If you’re planning to buy anything from Jaisalmer, make sure you haggle over the price because bargaining is an integral part of shopping here.

Where to eat

Many restaurants are serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that offer excellent services at reasonable prices. The main languages spoken by people living in this city are Hindi, Rajasthani (Desai), Kachchhi, Sindhi, etc. Jaisalmer is full of excellent quality restaurants with top-class chefs serving various types of dishes including Chinese food. If you’re passing through this city and own a car, you can visit some of the recommended restaurants on your way. They offer food at reasonable rates and also provide good rooms for overnight stay if you wish to spend some time in Jaisalmer. You can taste traditional rajasthani cuisines at delicious restaurants. There are also many small eateries in Jaisalmer which offer different types of fast food items such as noodles, etc., at cheap rates.

Hire a local guide

Another thing that you should know is that you need a local guide to get around, especially when going out during the night. The guide will help you explain the history of the city. They will also help you in any possible way if you are lost in some alley or somewhere else in the city. The local guides are well-informed about all important places to see and they can speak multiple languages including English, Hindi, etc., making your tour hassle-free. This is an extremely safe city and you can roam around anywhere in the city after 6 pm. The only thing that one should be cautious about is to avoid wearing expensive jewelry or watches when roaming around in public places because pickpockets are always on the lookout for tourists who wear expensive accessories.

Final thoughts

A trip to Jaisalmer will be a memorable experience for you if you love exploring places that have been untouched by the hands of modernization. The entire city is a living example of history and culture, and it has a different aura around itself. You will also get an opportunity to meet some of the most hospitable people here who are always eager to help tourists out in any way possible. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article.



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