Planning a closet for the next season, you always want to take into account all the fashion details that will help to create a flawless holistic image. It is necessary to pay attention to color, prints, style, comfort and type of cut. Shoes play an important role in creating a harmonious and fashionable look. So doing online luxury shopping should not forget about shoes. Do we know what to look for in the future seasons?

A pointed elongated toe

Boots or shoes with a thick sole are breaking all the records of popularity for more than one season. So many have managed to miss the elegance and sophistication of style. This is what is reflected in the new collections of famous brands. More and more can be seen models that visually lengthen their socks. At Proenza Schouler it resembles a square facet, at Balenciaga it is pointed and even somewhat upturned, and Ferragamo is characterized by maximum narrowness complete with stilettos.

Classic with accents

Quite standard sneakers, loafers or snickers universally fit almost any outfit. Exactly like Philipp Plein shoes, but with a nuance, because it is fashionable to combine classics with bright elements. It can be a bold pattern, standout inserts, or simply multicolored laces – something that instantly turns the model into a fashionable one.

Tiny heel

Hailing from the past, the miniature heel, called “kitten heels,” has once again shone in the fashion atmosphere. Small, only 3-5 cm high, arbitrarily shaped (not necessarily a “shotgun”) heels are present in shoes, moccasins, sandals and boots, but with a sharp toe. Zac Posen, Louis Vuitton have already demonstrated their look on the fashion of the past.


Wide, rather large chains have long been a favorite decoration of fashionistas. If previously they were observed in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even handbags, now to the luxury shopping online added shoes. These are the models that Burberry and Off-White presented on the runway during the latest shows. Boots and shoes with fashionable decorations will go with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses, completing the autumn-winter style 2023-2024.


As opposed to the fans of pointed shoes designers Gucci and Balmain offered models with shortened, “trimmed” and sometimes just a square nose. The same applies to the heels. So, if the narrow toe is not your theme, feel free to choose the opposite.


It shows up in most modern models from sneakers to boots. The usual not catchy lines, comfortable not wide sole – will add elegance to both autumn and winter image. This is evident in the Philipp Plein and Versace shoes, which can be combined with a dress, skirt or pantsuit.

In addition to the described shoe trends for fall-winter 2023-2024, also pay attention to patent leather, “cowboys”, floral prints and simply tall boot models. This variety will allow everyone to choose the right footwear to accentuate their individuality and sense of style.



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