9 Tips to Travel in Style on a Budget

Do you love to travel but want to skip those hostels and ramen noodles? You can either spend a lot of money on a lux vacation or you can travel smart and stay stylish and on budget. If you choose the latter, here are a few tips that will help you be a stylish traveler with a hefty wallet. Take a look and keep these tips in mind during your next trip.

Time your trip well

If you want to get good prices on accommodation, skip the peak season and opt for the shoulder season. Time your trip well and you can even bargain for accommodation and avoid horrible crowds. Other things like transport, tickets for attractions and even meals can be cheaper during the low season.

Save on flights

There’s nothing more lux than flying first class, but you can save a mini fortune on cheaper flights with budget airlines. Once you arrive, you can spend your savings on shopping, pampering and new experiences—no one cares about how you get to your destination. If you want to maximize your saving, book your flight in advance, but do your best to be flexible with dates, times and transfers.

Consider renting an apartment

Slow travel is amazing since you can really explore the destination and see how locals live. If you have time for a longer trip, rent an apartment for a month, and enjoy all the comfort, luxury, and privileges of private accommodation for a great price. For instance, you can get an amazing apartment anywhere from Buenos Aires, Brazil to Belgrade, Serbia for less than $800 a month. A room in a hostel for 30 days is more expensive and far less comfortable.

Be smart with spending

If you’re hitting a good shopping destination, there’s no way you can resist all those stores and shopping malls. For instance, some Asian destinations like Singapore are heaven for fashionistas, so make sure to arm yourself with a suitable credit card with no annual fee in Singapore and you can get cashback on online fashion, dining, entertainment and travel. This will allow you to refresh your wardrobe, enjoy your stay in style and still stick to your budget.

Shop like a pro

While we’re on the subject of shopping, do your best to skip pre-travel shopping since it can practically ruin your budget. Buy only a good bikini and some comfortable shoes and the rest of your shopping at the destination. Night markets, tiny boutiques and foreign second-hand shops will provide you with some unique pieces you can’t get at home.

Rent a car

If you’re staying somewhere for a few days, you can endure public transport and walking, but if you’re a woman business traveler who concentrates on safety and comfort during your longer stay, you will quickly want to enjoy a more practical transport solution which means you’ll have to waste a lot of money on taxis. You can avoid this expense by renting a car at a budget agency and enjoying private transport for a reasonable amount of money.

Look for free tours

If you’re traveling to a new city, look for free city tours. Most cities in Europe have these interesting tours and they won’t set you back too much (you should tip your guide though). After your free tour is over, stay with your guide and ask questions about fun places you should visit on your own. Most of them are happy to recommend cool ideas, especially if you tip well. Make sure to ask them about some bargain shopping opportunities and cheap yet amazing places to eat and drink.

Skip fancy dinners

Eating out is one of the best things about traveling, those fancy dinners can drain your budget fast. If you still want to enjoy restaurants, opt for lunch instead of dinners, since it provides people with lower prices. Some restaurants also offer online coupons, so you can really get a good deal. Once you fill your tummy during lunch, you can grab some local products at a farmers market and have a romantic picnic or a fun munch fest in your room with friends.

Learn the language

This might sound weird, but learning the local language is one of the biggest money savers out there. For instance, if you know a few phrases, you can check ads for accommodation catered to locals, get better prices at markets and shops and pay less in taxis—long story short, you can avoid paying the “English-speaking tax”. It will shock you just how different prices can be if you use the right language, even if you only know the basic few words and key phrases.

If you want to travel in style and look amazing while you do it, just know that you don’t have to have a thick wallet or a lot of experience. These simple tips will help you look like a travel expert and get the most out of your trip for an affordable price.

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