A wedding is the most momentous and special occasion of people’s life. Most people eagerly wait for this one special moment for their entire life. After all, it’s the day when one finally meets with his or her partner. On this special occasion, one commits to caring and loving his or her partner for the rest of life in any given situation. So, these days undoubtedly deserve to be captured as people make the best memories on this day. This is why hiring a wedding photographer is as important as choosing a venue or selecting the menu. Still, most people neglect the fact of hiring a perfect photographer for this special occasion and suffer for the rest of their life. After all, these beautiful moments won’t come again. 

So, capturing the moments can help a couple to relive those days and those moments as many times as they want. Especially, in old age, people can share their beautiful love stories with their children and grandchildren to inspire them. But, unfortunately, choosing a wedding photographer isn’t easy. It requires one to take a few things into considerations before hiring a professional photographer. However, there are a few myths about wedding photography that should be busted at first. This will help people to make the best decision in their lives. Let’s take a look at the following, 

You Should Provide A Shot List 

Several online magazines advise people to have a shot list for the wedding day. It may sound great but it’s not required. The top Indian wedding photographer is already well-versed in wedding rituals and ceremonies. So, they can plan out the best shot list without any external help. But, in case, a couple wants certain pictures to be taken, they can inform their photographer. During the consultation period, these priorities should be discussed so that photographer can plan for the entire day. However, this is a myth that one must provide a shot list to these experts. In fact, providing them a shot list can prevent them from investing in their own creativity. 

Generally, a professional wedding photographer always wants to do their best. After all, it’s their bread and butter. So, they know their line of work. And, having a couple of years of experience helps them to plan out the best shot list to satisfy their clients.  So, having trust and faith in the photographer is crucial rather than providing them all the instructions and guidance to do their work. It may hamper and ruin their work. But, again, one can easily talk to the experts if there are specific requests to be made. It will save people from wedding disasters

Modern Photographers Don’t Take Formal Pictures 

Another myth surrounding wedding photography is that the new-age photographers never take any formal or family pictures. But, this isn’t true. Generally, people in today’s age prefer candid photographs more than any other type of photograph. So, the professionals prefer taking the candid more often than other portraits. But, this never means that they don’t take any family portraits or formal portraits. Photographers always try to cover every beautiful moment in a wedding ceremony. So, they happily take the portraits with the couple’s family and friends. After all, the family and friends bring charm to a wedding event. But, certainly, it’s difficult to capture every moment during a ritual or ceremony. Still, it’s the art of the experts. So, it’s a myth that modern photographers don’t take any formal and family pictures. 

You Should Focus On Quantity Than Quality 

A lot of people believe that they should hire more cheap photographers but not expensive ones. However, ultimately, it costs them more money in the long run. Also, the quality that these cheap photographers provide is always under-rated. After all, they use low-quality equipment and don’t have professional-standard experiences. So, hiring a low-priced photographer might seem beneficial in the beginning. But, later on, people regret making that decision. On the other hand, the highly professional and reputed photographers may demand a bit extra. But, the quality they offer is exceptional. They may take a few hundred photos. But, these will be a lot better than a few thousand of poor-quality images. So, the number of photographers never matters as long as one focuses on the quality. Overall, the reputed and professional photographers deserve to be paid more than the low-quality photographers. After all, it takes years of hard work and practice to master this art of photography. So, people should never believe in these myths. 

There may be a lot of other myths surrounding wedding photography. But, people should research a lot on this before hiring a photographer. After all, it’s a crucial decision that can either make or break a wedding day. So, the decision should be taken wisely to avoid any dissatisfaction in the future. 



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