Millennial brides aren’t always fashion-centric when they need to groom themselves ahead of the Wedding ceremony. All they have is the confidence to pick the Avant-Garde over their traditional attire.

Here’s a List of Wedding Ghagras that Can Draw All Attention on You:

Leheriya Print Ghagra for the Wedding Party

You may have witnessed various forms of royal and regal artwork in the princely states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Wearing a wedding ghagra with a leheriya embellishment can draw all eyes on you on your wedding day. Apart from being the most eloquent option for choosing your wedding attire, it can add a touch of Rajputana to improve the overall grace and look of your ghagra. You may opt for a full-on conventional appearance by choosing the bold Gota Yoke patterns all along the Kalis and seams of your wedding outfit. Even when you go for a detailed choli, you may develop that long-cherished imperial look. It will create a high contrast to your ghagra. You may consider teaming it up with a dupatta bearing mirror work.

Ghagra with Thread Embroidery

Indian brides check out all options for improving their look on the wedding day. Rajasthani ghagras can’t do without thread embroidery. Apart from incorporating mirror cutwork and Zardozi embellishments, you may achieve a few beautiful patterns with the help of intricate threading. A Zardozi look is a cohesive combination of both contemporary and traditional fashion. It’s the best thing about choosing the Zardozi option. You may even wear the skirt blouse or a crop top for developing that uber-cool modern appearance. If you’re running short of budget, you may request a dupatta with an online fashion portal like Zipper by utilizing your Zipker coupon discount codes.

Ghagra with Gota Patti Border Work

Numerous fashion designers have taken inspiration from Gota Patti border work. Anita Dongre is among the big names that have embellished this fabric while seeking perfection in the art of designing ghagras. You’ll achieve a bridal front-runner in this wedding silhouette that proves regal and evergreen. You may pick the choicest embellishment and incorporate in your wedding ghagra while customizing your outfit. You may even develop a sharp contrast for the color of your bridal outfit by wearing a few elaborately decorated jewels. Add flowers to your bouquet hairstyle and your bridal elegance will fix all eyes on you.

Kalamkari Print Ghagras for the Modern Bride

Kalamkari printing is a popular block-printing and hand-printing textile that looks good on all Indian brides. It’s widely popular among brides that prefer outfits based on themes. Kalamkari prints even work well on bides that are always in the pursuit of mysterious and mystic. It’s also possible for a bride to share the content with the craftsmen and get it inscribed within soulful designs. You may even find time to ensure seamless stitching of your love story on the bridal outfit and cherish it for the rest of your life.

Banjara Style Attire for the Mehndi Ceremony

The true essence of Rajasthani bridal artwork gets conveyed to naked eyes once you pick an outfit projecting Banjara style. You can mention your name all over a Banjara inspired wedding attire, as it goes for those that are fond of bold prints and love the spectrum of colors. You may even compare by mixing and matching your options, especially while making bold statements in hues of red and pink or simply by incorporating graphic designs and floral prints. You may even team up your Banjara ghagra with blouse depicting a cape style that looks trendy.

After going through this list of bridal outfits, you should feel confident about improving your traditional style or replacing it with something out-of-the-box. Don’t waste your time if your Mehndi ceremony is getting near.

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