One of the most important attractions of the lovely Christmas evening is a real Christmas tree. The adventure while shopping for the Christmas tree and bringing it home is undoubtedly a memorable experience. However, it doesn’t matter how expensive and high-quality Christmas tree you purchase, you might start noticing signs of brittle. 

A dried Christmas tree will ruin the enjoyment of the whole evening. Since the Christmas tree needs to look fresh and attractive, you need to focus on some crucial factors. With proper maintenance and care, a real Christmas tree will last for more than 4 weeks. This means that if you start decorating your Christmas tree in November, you can easily showcase its beauty on Christmas evening. Here are the top 3 tips you need to remember to increase the longevity of the Christmas trees. 

Pick a Healthy Christmas Tree

Firstly, you need to determine if you want to purchase the Christmas tree from a roadside lot or garden store. Remember that most Christmas trees come from out of state and they had been exposed to various outdoor materials. If you want to purchase a fresh Christmas tree possible, you need to visit the local Christmas tree farm. However, you should know how to choose the perfect Christmas tree. Here are some factors you need to remember while choosing the perfect Christmas tree:

  • Always look for a green and healthy tree.
  • Choose a tree displayed in the shady area. 
  • Determine the quality of the branches. 

Trim the Trunk

While purchasing a Christmas tree, make sure the seller cut straight across the base of the trunk. This is one of the best ways to aid water absorption. This will also help you get rid of any dried-over resin that prevents the tree from soaking water completely. After you get home and you’re not planning to decorate the tree right away, make sure you place the tree in a bucket of water. 

When you’re ready to decorate the tree, cut another half-inch from the bottom of the trunk. Additionally, don’t forget to focus on the Christmas tree storage options as you need to protect the Christmas tree until the Christmas evening arrives. 

Make Sure the Tree Soaks Enough Water

Don’t forget to water your Christmas tree regularly. This is one of the best ways to make the tree look fresh while also increasing its lifespan. If you don’t water the tree properly, the trunk will cause the resin to form which will ultimately affect the water absorption rate of the Christmas tree. Make sure you determine the diameter of the trunk to know the proper amount of water for the Christmas tree. 

Even though people will suggest you add things such as corn syrup, bleach, water, and aspirin, additives and tree preservatives are unnecessary. Most experts will suggest you use clean water to keep the tree fresh. However, don’t forget to check the water level daily. As per Chicago Tribune, too much water is a dangerous factor for the trees. 


These are the top 3 tips to increase the longevity of your Christmas tree. Do you have any other additional questions you like to be answered? Comment below to let us know. 



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