We usually associate makeup with a bold lipstick or feline-like eyeliner. But for a flawless complexion, the most natural effect stands out. Creating an even, luminous look is doable with quick makeup tips. However, the right face dabbing tools and products plays a significant role in elevating your makeup.

Aside from prepping your face for regular social occasions, you must map out where to put on foundation, concealer, and powder and keep aside application time. Many makeup artists recommend following essential hydration and hygiene to enhance your makeup look. Here are six tips to consider for your makeup to look the best.

Apply Face Products In The Correct Sequence

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Before dabbing makeup, one should apply face care products in the correct order. This is appropriate to get a flawless makeup finish and minimize product wastage. Start with a cleanser (water-based or oil-based), toner, or astringent, then an antioxidant-based serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, and highlight. Apply concealer after foundation to reduce wastage on places your foundation has covered. 

Some focused makeup products like masque vivant spot-drying treatment for acne, oily and dull may need dermatologist approval before you use. Setting spray is optional too for occasions when your makeup needs to go the distance. Consider dabbing a physical sunscreen with zinc after moisturizer before stepping out for UVA and UVB protection. Apply products thinnest to thickest as a good rule of thumb.  

Turn Your Attention To Eyes

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When you have created an even canvas for your makeup, focus your attention on your eyes—stock up a few essentials for eye definition. A kohl, mascara, eyelash curler, and a nude eyeshadow will help define your eyes and give your eyelids an even base. If you have no time to create an elaborate eye makeup, add a bit of brown kohl on your eye’s outer corner and smudge it slightly with your finger. 

If you have sparse eyelashes, use a volumizing mascara. If you have short eyelashes, use a lengthening formula in mascara to make your lashes look healthy and natural, not spidery. You can also get the dramatic look with easy fan lash extensions. These extensions are easy to apply and provide voluminous, natural-looking lashes. Use neutral eyeshadows to emphasize the eyes. Stick to natural hues–cool tones for light eyes and warm tones for dark eyes. Using a shimmery shadow on eyelids can bring sparkle to your tired eyes.

Use Clean Makeup Brushes

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Quality brushes enhance your makeup. They improve your final makeup look and make the application and blending easier. You don’t need paraphernalia like makeup brushes. You only need six of them – a flat concealer brush, a fluffy face powder brush, a loosely bristled blush brush, a flat highlighter brush, an angled brush for brows, an eyeshadow brush for eye makeup.

Blend foundation outward, starting at the center of your face, and fade off towards the jaw and hairline for seamless application. Use back and forth and circular motions over the nostrils, under the nose, and around the lips. Use a smaller concealer brush to camouflage under the eyes, next to the nose, and on any brown spots that annoy you. 

Enhance Your Brows

Brows enhance your facial feature and have a significant effect on creating an even look. They can help one look younger and livelier when done correctly. From threading and plucking, our eyebrows are a face’s most essential feature. Use the ‘Brow Mapping’ technique to map your brows. Make an arch slightly higher than where it naturally sits with a pencil for better-staying power.

Combine finely milled brow powders and firm pencils to add volume and texture. Style the brow hairs upward with a brow gel to get a lifted look. You may use highlighting products under the brow for a soft, illuminated look.  

Get Fuller Lips

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A little pout can be the key to sporting luscious lips. Apply lip liner outside your natural lip line to make your lips look bigger and plumper. Exfoliate your lips with a baby toothbrush, brown sugar, and coconut oil to attain lipstick-ready lips. Lip liners help to emphasize your lips. Try a universal lip liner to save you from owning a thousand lip liners to match your outfit.    

Apply translucent powder between your lipstick layers to make it last all day. Use a concealer dab on an angled brush to perfect your pout by tracing your lip edges.   

Conceal Well

Concealers are a must-have to hide face flaws and imperfections. Use a concealer under your eyes, around the nose, and in the T-zone for a quick camouflage. Working ladies can skip applying the foundation for a concealer. Use your fingers for a faster application. Or you can use a small flat brush for blending purposes.   

Consider applying a good quality BB or CC cream instead of a foundation. They come handily during the mornings when you have just a few minutes to get ready. They also have great coverage, so include it in your daily routine.  

Wrapping Up

When attempting a natural makeup look, keep things light. Add a touch of Vaseline to your makeup base to achieve a sheer natural and glowy finish. It will also give you the power to blend it into the makeup until it disappears into the skin.



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