Do you often stare into your closet, take inventory of your shoe collection and favorite accessory pieces, and still, you seem to have nothing to wear?

You are not alone. In fact, many of us do the same thing, but style experts believe we’re approaching it the wrong way. You don’t need thousands of dollars to transform your look. There are simple and effective ways to elevate any look, and our professionals are sharing their favorite tips.

1. Layer Your Outfit

This is an easy step to do and works in anyone’s closet. When you learn to layer, you are adding interesting details to your ensemble, and this causes one’s eyes to linger longer.

Let’s look at classic staples such as a tee and jeans. Many people put on this attire, but when you layer with a blazer or a hat, or a cardigan, suddenly, your outfit shows interest and gives off a pulled-together style.

2. Wear Black Clothing

Here is another fashion solution for elevating your look with minimal effort.

Let’s face it, the shade of black will never go away. It looks chic, sophisticated, and high-quality (even if it’s inexpensive). Black can allow anything you’re wearing to go to the next level.

When you’re just not sure, add an article of black clothing to your outfit, or wear an all-black ensemble, and you will fit in just about anywhere.

3. Put On Sunglasses

Celebrities wear them all the time, and there are a few such as Kim Kardashian who have been sporting their favorite sunglasses at night.

To stand out in the crowd, a pair of shades from MarsQuest is definitely a great addition to your look. You can go classic with a pair of Wayfarers or walk out the door with an aviator style.

There is an attractive pair of shades for every person on the planet, and this simple accessory ties any look together.

4. Choose Elegant Jewelry

We often notice what someone’s wearing by the striking pieces of jewelry they have on.

Jewelry is the perfect accessory that can add balance and appeal to your personal style. When a piece is well-made and displays beautiful artistry such as that of Norse jewelry, it allows your look to stand out. It is strong jewelry that inspires and expresses the refinement and confidence of the one who is wearing it.

5. Wear Good Shoes

Yes, people do notice your shoes, and the worst thing you can do is step out in a handsome ensemble with shoes that look beat-up and dirty.

Any designer will tell you that a great outfit begins with a good pair of shoes. It can save an ensemble.

6. Clean Your Complexion

This may sound too easy to have importance, but it does. A clean complexion matters, especially when you don’t have the time to spend precious minutes applying makeup.

Take care of your skin, and use products that are based on your skin type. A radiant, clear complexion is enviable in all of its naturalness.

Model Gisele Bundchen is a prime example. She favors minimal makeup if any when she’s living life beyond the cameras and photoshoots. It’s all about healthy, glowing skin.

7. Spritz On Fragrance

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to spritz on your favorite scent, and it truly adds to your personal style.

Smelling nice is a plus to your individual look, and you often remember someone who’s always wearing an attractive fragrance.

8. Be Prepared

A lot of us get up in the morning running around with little time, but if you had prepared your outfit the night before for the next day, then, you would be more relaxed and ready for the morning.

When you’re prepared, you can elevate your personal style with minimal effort.

Here’s a bonus: If you’re happy, that also helps the image you’re putting before others. As the fashionable late Audrey Hepburn once said, “… I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.”

Closing Thoughts

We are all unique beings with our own sense of fashion. Our style experts believe that you can elevate your look with minimal effort by following their tips. Have fun and maximize your potential!



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