Dental hygiene, for many, might be just a media gimmick or not of high importance. But hosting billions of microbes, the threat to severe conditions such as gingivitis or tooth decays is real. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, oral diseases have affected more than 3.58 billion people making up almost half of the world’s population. Such severity calls for proper attention to maintain good dental hygiene. Not just going by the numbers, but not being able to smile without having any difficulty is something one doesn’t want to deal with.

Further, dental issues are not just cavities or gum diseases. In fact, these problems can be as grave as oral cancers that can make even menial jobs of life like chewing and smiling a tormenting task.  However, new awareness, such as that of comfort dental, has helped make significant progress towards handling this issue at a micro-level. Dental care might sound rudimentary but understanding how dental hygiene is of utmost importance. For that purpose, here are some essential tips and to-dos that can help one maintain proper oral health.

1- Systematic and proper brushing habits

For starters, having a scheduled brushing cycle of the mouth is essential for keeping good oral hygiene. Brushing of the mouth would include proper and thorough cleaning of the gums, the teeth, the tongue, and also the roof of the mouth. Oral hygiene is not just the teeth but the entire mouth and hence needs equal importance. Brushing twice a day would suffice for that purpose. Also, having a standard toothbrush whose bristles are kept at a 45-degree angle with the gum line while cleaning is vital to get all the microbes of inner reaches gums and the teeth cleaned. These regions would require cleaning with care to avoid any bleeding.  Proper cleaning of the inner surfaces of the teeth is a must so that any food particles stuck are cleared. One can avoid the problems associated with bad breath if he/she could adequately brush the surfaces of the tongue and the roof of the mouth.

Systematic and proper brushing habits

2- Regular flossing

Bristles on a toothbrush can not clear all regions of the mouth. Human teeth are intricately placed and arranged, which have small spaces between the teeth. These can be an epicenter for microbes and other bacteria working on the tiny food particles that get stuck here. To get rid of this residue to avoid the internal tooth decay, one must have a proper flossing habit. Thus flossing at least once a day will ensure overall teeth and dental hygiene, hindering any microbial growth that can damage the teeth.

Regular flossing

3- Consumption of dental-friendly diet

All the problems of tooth decay have one common source- the diet that one consumes. People who consume oily food such as pickles that have a lot of acids have higher probabilities of suffering from dental problems. Such a diet, which may satisfy our palate, cause more harm than good if consumed regularly. Instead, foods such as nuts, fruits, chicken, and vegetables that are predominantly teeth-friendly are preferred.  Dairy products such as cheese can neutralize the acids that have a detrimental corrosive effect on the teeth. With just a little care in terms of consumption could go a long way to save one from the enduring pain if a person has oral problems.

Consumption of dental-friendly diet

4- Reduction in consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, and soda

Tobacco is the primary source of deadly diseases, such as oral cancer.   In fact, there seemed to be a cascading effect where all the products consumed to mask the tobacco also have a detrimental impact on the teeth. Products that have phosphorus in excess can harm oral hygiene, despite knowing the fact that phosphorus is a very element for maintaining good oral health. This is because of extra phosphorus can erode the teeth and react with the calcium, which is present in the teeth. Furthermore, the enamel of the teeth wears off, leading to very severe issues in the mouth. Alcohol, aerated drinks, and sugar-based beverages cause such problems. Instead, drinking water regularly and drinking the beverages, as mentioned above through a straw limiting direct contact with the teeth, can help maintain this precious enamel.

Reduction in consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, and soda

5- Regular dental checkups

Regular dental check-ups might sound redundant but everyone needs to have dental check-ups regularly. Many grave dental complications can develop without identification of them by a dental care expert. Oral checkups and teeth cleaning have a very positive effect, in the long run, saving a lot of pain through the detection and prevention of faults and illness well beforehand. Proper scheduling and having a dental checkup, preferably every 4-6 months, could help one optimize the benefits from this practice.

Regular dental checkups

6- Leaving fluoride on the teeth at the night

Fluoride helps to maintain the strength of teeth. However, it is often rinsed after brushing the teeth in the morning. Keeping the residue from the toothpaste makes it difficult during the day.  One might accidentally commit the mistake of swallowing it. It is the complete opposite during the night. It has become a common practice to leave the toothpaste residue so that the fluoride has time to sit and make the teeth stronger.  This should, however, be after adequately rinsing the mouth to keep it devoid of all the food and unnecessary particles to prevent bacterial infestation. With proper care and supervision, one can ensure a very strong and healthy set of teeth through this practice.

Leaving fluoride on the teeth at the night

All in all, dental hygiene is of utmost importance, necessary for every individual. Without a proper set of teeth, one can’t talk, eat, or even smile. These tasks might be trivial for every individual, but life would become a living hell without them.  Following the wise saying, “Better safe than sorry,” you can prevent all the dental problems by following these simple steps. So if one does not have dental care and hygiene at the top of their priorities, it is the right time to start it now.



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