Your living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, yet it is the zone that seems to get the least attention. With piles of papers left unattended to, or dust accumulating in the corners, this space deserves some TLC. If you are working with a tight budget, but you want to create a sense of peace in your main recreation zone, this guide has five tips that will freshen up any living room. 

Deep Clean Your Sofa

There is no fresher feeling than relaxing on a sofa that has been recently deep-cleaned. Find a reliable tool like a handheld upholstery cleaner and pick a nice scent before you begin cleaning. Some sofas have a cover on them that can go through the wash, but other, more traditional products, will need scrubbing by hand. This will hopefully remove a layer of germs, allergens, and dust that has built up in the period prior to cleaning and improve both the smell and feel of your living space. Just don’t forget to leave enough time for the sofa to dry before you want to enjoy it!

Buy Some New Soft Furnishings

You can’t sit down on a fresh-smelling, deep-cleaned sofa without some fresh accessories to complement the setup. This is where throw pillows and blankets come in handy, and not only will they increase your general comfort, but they will also improve your well-being and general mood as well. Make sure you pick colors that work with your living room theme, and see where the process takes you. 

Create a Feature Wall 

Every living room needs a feature wall, and thankfully this is easy enough to achieve through things like fresh paint and wall art stickers. Living room wall art stickers can be anything from a selection of words to a beautiful floral display, and these wall stickers will make it so that any space looks engaging and new. Plus, they will be a great talking point for when you are entertaining. 

Invest in Soft Lighting

It is important to invest in things like soft lighting when you are trying to relax. The psychological benefits are real, and it encourages a sense of peace that will enable true relaxation. The living room is somewhere you will spend most of your evenings, and winding down with a bright overhead light is never easy. Find a nice, tall lamp that matches the aesthetic, or even explore fairy light options. 

Get Organised

Finally, there are tons of benefits to getting organized. It will be impossible for a space to look fresh if you have documents lying around or books scattered everywhere. Thankfully, purchasing and installing shelves is straightforward and often budget-friendly too, and you can literally store anything you want on them in a well-thought-out organized structure too. It also counts for sorting out the small details as well, so remove clutter, hang pictures neatly on the wall, and make sure you know where everything is (e.g., the remote control). 

Freshening up your living room is easy if you create a clear strategy from the beginning. There are lots of things to do, so make a list and get going.



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