Are you in the process of moving, or revamping an old space? Designing your space can be a tedious and stressful process. Spending endless hours searching high and low for the piece that is “just right” can leave you feeling exhausted and ready to give up. Don’t quit just yet! Interior decorating can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. I will break down for you all of the ways that you can make decorating your new (or old) space as simple and fun as possible.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is a popular option among people who are decorating their space. It’s often quite challenging to find a piece of furniture that fits the desired look you have in mind for your space. Getting custom pieces ensures that you get everything you want and love and are happy with the end result. There are some things to keep in mind when ordering custom furniture to make sure that you will be accommodating your and your family’s needs. How should you prepare?

Here are some things you need to do:

  • Measure your room(s). Having the appropriate dimensions will make furniture shopping much more efficient since you will already know what items you can say yes to and which items you will have to pass on for either being too big or too small. Having this information will save you a lot of stress when browsing around for new pieces.
  • Draw it out. Putting together a rough sketch of your ideas and writing down measurements and color schemes, etc will help you gain some clarity moving forward and also aid in conveying your vision to whom you are purchasing the furniture.
  • What “feel” are you going for? Every room in a home has a distinct vibe, what vibe are you going for in your room(s)? Is this a room where children will play? Is this a room where the animals will hang out freely or does it need to be puppy-proofed? Is this a room where you will entertain guests? Establishing a “feel” will be very helpful in the furniture picking process, allowing you to adjust upholstery, fabric color, or fabric pattern accordingly and with ease.
  • Let’s get into the details! What accents will you have in your space? Take the time to plan out the finishing touches such as throw pillows, blankets, lights, plants, etc.

If you enter into custom furniture shopping with a game plan it will go much smoother for you and all other parties involved.

Wall Hangings

There are different types of wall hanging art in order to fulfill most of the empty space of your room wall.

Some examples include:

  • Abstract wall art: Abstract wall art: It’s a popular and cost effective way to decorate your home and also considered as a perfect type of artwork to give your room an updated look. Abstract wall art gives your room an architectural feel. By installing this artwork you’ll notice a broadening of the space and making it entirely more open and inviting.
  • Wood: Wood hangings come in a variety of finishes and shapes. You can choose to use them in their natural state or have them painted with something specific to your taste. Custom wood signs are a beautiful addition to a wall, and really give off that rustic modern farmhouse vibe.
  • Metal: Metal hangings tend to be more abstract. Aluminum, steel, and wrought iron are often used to construct these intricate pieces of art. If this is your style, metal is a wonderful accent to any home.
  • Canvas Print: Canvas Print is a best decoreting choice your your home with frame and without.

Make Your Space Functional

A key factor in the successful decoration of your space is to make it functional. It is one thing to spend time, money, and energy on a design job but the finished product needs to allow for smart, comfortable, and efficient living.

Here are some steps to make your living space a functional one:

  1. Identify the purpose of your space and make that its primary use. If it is a child’s room make sure all of the toys are kept in there, keep all documents in your office/workspace, etc. If you have to use a room for another purpose, make sure to tidy up quickly afterward.
  2.  Make sure your furniture is the proper size and that you don’t have too much of it. You don’t need to over-fill your room. Make sure to leave some breathing room to allow for comfortable walking as well as entry/exit points. Too much decor equals clutter and a stressful environment, and too little decor equals an empty and boring space. Find a happy medium that works for your room.
  3. Incorporate multi-purpose furniture. Multi-purpose pieces are a wonderful and creative way to increase the functionality of your home. You can purchase an ottoman that opens up to reveal storage. This is a good way to keep books, video/board games, and throw blankets tucked away and out of sight until they are needed. Sofa beds are another smart option, especially if you have guests often.
  4. Use vertical shelves or bookcases. Vertical storage maximizes space by allowing items to be high up. Mounting your television and lights on the wall as opposed to using a traditional t.v stand or floor lamp frees up floor space for functionality.
  5. Everything having a place will help prevent clutter. You should create a storage system and make regular use of it. Having bins, baskets, or jars for storing items such as books, clothing, or food will help you stay organized and efficient. Using this system along with labels will ensure that you know where all of your belongings are and make you more likely to put them right back when you are done with them.

That wasn’t so bad, right? Interior decorating can be a very exciting and rewarding experience if you let it. Don’t stress, have a plan, execute it, but most of all, have fun. Happy decorating!



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