It is essential to get the perfect wedding band for you since it is a beautiful way to commemorate the beginning of the exciting road ahead with your spouse. You want to make sure you select a pear shaped halo engagement ring so that you will be proud to wear it for the rest of your life. That is why we have compiled a list of the most recent engagement ring trends so that you will know where to begin your search for THE engagement ring of your dreams.

Diamonds that have been ethically sourced

While having a beautiful ring to symbolize the love and togetherness between you and your spouse is a source of tremendous pleasure, no one would want that happiness to come at the expense of another’s happiness, which is understandable. With the ethicality and sustainability of the stones increasingly becoming a crucial factor in determining whether or not people would purchase the ring, this value is undoubtedly starting to shine through.

The use of colour is the way to go.

According to a poll performed by Wedded Wonderland in 2019, Australians spent an average of 11,753 Australian dollars on their engagement rings, which is a significant sum of money. A unique engagement ring is something that couples aren’t afraid to spend their money on, and what better way to make a statement than to forego the typical white diamond in favor of colorful stones? With so many alternatives and shade variations – even the same sort of stone may have different colors – and colored stones such as blue sapphire, emerald, and ruby, amongst other kinds of rocks to pick from, it is simple to choose one that speaks to you.

The fact that various stones have different meanings and indicate distinct attributes means that you may select the stone included in your ring depending on the purpose that the stone represents. For example, a blue sapphire represents honesty and purity, whereas a red ruby, with its stunning red color, represents energy, love, and passion, as befits its compelling red hue.

Fans of chunky jewellery should pay attention to this trend.

If you like wearing large jewelry pieces, there is no reason why your style cannot be reflected in your ring. The Gypsy setting, initially popularised in the Late Victorian Era, is staging a strong resurgence, thanks to its vibrant and contemporary aesthetic, winning hearts wherever it goes. These rings have deep-set stones or are carved into the metal body of the ring, such that the metal surrounds them except the top of the ring’s body. You may think of the stones in a Gypsy call as comparable to chocolate buttons pushed into unbaked cookie dough, although they are a lot more fashionable. Aside from the fact that they are trendy, the Gypsy ring is also extremely comfortable to wear since the stone is positioned much more firmly inside the band when compared to other varieties. Overall, this is a fantastic alternative for individuals who like deviating from the norm.

Diamonds in the Shape of a Pear

Diamonds cut in this lovely and delicate-looking form, also called the teardrop shape, are becoming more fashionable this year! This form of diamond, when paired with the style of the ring band, can produce a design that radiates a variety of moods, and you are sure to discover one that you adore.

All that’s left for you to do now is to take pleasure in keeping an eye out for these trends when you and your spouse go ring shopping and to attract some attention to your new ring with your pick!

Make Informed Decisions About Quality and Cut

When deciding between the two, it is wise to make a quality trade-off but never on the garment’s cut. The cut of the diamond is responsible for the diamond’s unique glitter and brightness. The greater the number of surfaces on which light may be refracted, the more beautiful the diamond appears. An exquisite and brilliant-looking diamond will indeed be created by an expertly cut diamond of lower grade. Still, a high-quality diamond with a rough cut would not have the same appearance.

Despite what you may have heard about the 4Cs (Color, cut, clarity, and carat), sticking to what you think would look best on your spouse is the only surefire course of action. Keeping up with the latest fashion isn’t always a good idea since these rings represent enduring love. Keep in mind that the crew should complement the other person’s style rather than your own. With this information, one may choose the ideal ring and win the heart of one’s lover!



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