“It was crazy, I was only 17 years old and all of a sudden I was the International face of Oakley” little did Roxy realise, this was only the beginning.

A household name in South Africa, Roxy Louw would go on to win FHM’s sexiest woman in the world, a model for Sport’s Illustrated, appear in movies Blue Crush 2 and The Perfect Wave, become one of South Africa’s most notable DJs, co-launching a car with Renault, and most recently appeared in the reality tv show Tropika Island of Treasure – All-Stars (set to release September 2022, amongst many other achievements

Roxy Louw
Roxy Louw

We sit down with Roxy Louw to get an up-close look at her journey to success and find out what’s next for the celebrity.

Growing up as the daughter of Springbok rugby legend Rob Louw, Roxy was no stranger to the public eye. “I was in the newspaper the day I was born,” she remarks. “But I was always determined to carve my own name and be my own person”.

At the age of 17, Roxy’s surfing abilities were discovered by Oakley International and she was invited to be a team rider on the Oakley international team. 

While on tour, a chance photo was taken that catapulted Roxy to global fame – becoming the face of Oakley International.

“I couldn’t believe it; we would travel all over the world and there my face was l. It would be in every airport, on billboards, in shops. I was literally everywhere”. 

But this was only the beginning, Roxy would go on to regularly feature in magazines such as FHM, Glamour, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Shape, Dekat, Rooi rose, Fit Life, Wellness Magazine, Longevity Magazine and Get it. 

Then, in 2010, the global surfing icon was crowned as FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World. After more than two-million record-breaking votes were received, Roxy Louw was announced as the winner of FHM’s 100 sexiest.

“It was an exciting year for me, I really feel like this was the year that things really started to happen”.

Going on to become the face of Woolworths, Kauai health foods, and even co-launching a car with Renault, it seemed everything that Roxy touched turned to gold.

But there was a creative itch that she still hadn’t scratched.

I really wanted to act!” Roxy exclaims.

Roxy Louw

She had already featured in many commercials for Vodacom, Cell C, Nashua Mobile, Wrigley’s International, FHM, Woolworths, Kauai, and many more. Even presenting for Pasella TV and regularly appearing on South African talk shows such as 5FM and KFM but that wasn’t enough.

“I wanted to really act. I wanted to get lost in a role.” she continues.

And, in 2010 she would be cast as Acapulco Goldie in the Universal Films picture “Blue Crush 2”.

“It was really amazing! I got to combine my love for acting and film with my love for surfing. It was really a dream”.

This would lead to her being cast in The Perfect Wave, alongside Scott Eastwood and Cheryl Lad.

The year is now 2017 and there is a new creative itch “scratching” away.

“I had always loved music and had quietly been DJing in my bedroom but this was the year I decided to step on stage and share my music with the world”.

Roxy would go on to become a regular feature in the South African DJ scene, opening for big acts such as Gold Fish.

So, what’s next for Roxy Louw, we ask her?

“Well, I am currently shooting for Tropika Island of Treasure Season 10 – All-Star edition. We are in production so I can’t say much more than that. I have a bunch of DJ events coming up in South Africa and am hoping to DJ in Europe too. Outside of that, I am working on a business but it is all top secret at this stage”

Roxy Louw Social Media Pages:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roxylouw/




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