Most women believe that wearing makeup boosts their confidence and makes them more appealing to people. In some countries, makeup is almost a requirement for women going to the office. Some industries that rely on sales and marketing even make it mandatory. For employed women, wearing makeup is almost as natural as breathing.

According to a 2011 Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians spend over $4.5b on toiletries and cosmetics. The average Australian woman spends over $3600 on beauty products each year or $300 each month, according to a study. One woman even said that the money she spends on makeup is about 8% of her take-home pay each month, which is quite panic-inducing.

An extra $300 is always welcome in any household budget. It can be used to buy food, clothing, and even enough to pay some of your bills like your telephone bill. It’s a lot of money, especially for lower-income households.

Permanent Makeup as a Solution

There are reputed companies like La Klinic Melbourne that offer permanent makeup for women who can’t be bothered to apply makeup every day. Why not? According to a survey, women spend 20 minutes each day applying makeup and another 5 minutes in removing them when they get home.

Permanent makeup saves them a lot of time, which they can spend on other things. Add all that up, and you’ll be saving more than 152 hours each year. For working moms, this is especially true. Those extra 25 minutes can be spent preparing breakfast for their kids or getting extra time to brave the daily commute. For a busy woman, 25 minutes is a lot of time.

Health Concerns for Conventional Makeup

Then, there are health concerns. The average makeup product has 15-50 ingredients. Read their labels and find out what’s in your cosmetic product. However, most women don’t trust what’s in the labels of cosmetic products.

The ingredients may sometimes cause allergic reactions or rashes. Allergies are different for every person. Cosmetic companies just base their ingredients on what’s hypoallergenic to the majority of the population. They can’t possibly make products that are hypoallergenic to everyone.

On the other hand, the procedure to get permanent makeup by reputed companies like La Klinic Melbourne is done under the supervision of a licensed physician in a sterile and controlled environment. No doctors have ever gone to cosmetic stores and certified the products safe for use, have they? The personalized care women get during the procedure of applying permanent makeup from companies like La Klinic Melbourne makes it ultimately safer. The doctor can test for allergies before even beginning and prevent an adverse allergic reaction to the pigments used. These companies only use vegan, organic, and hypoallergenic pigments manufactured under organic conditions.

Statistics suggest that most women seriously think they need makeup to be more successful in their jobs and to feel more attractive. If that’s the case, everyone should consider getting permanent makeup. With the financial, time, and health benefits discussed, it would be almost irresponsible not to.

With the busy schedules that most people have nowadays, having an extra 25 minutes to spend every day is a godsend, not to mention the additional $300 they can add to their budget.



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