Nowadays, many large companies are transferring their data to the cloud which makes professionals in this field extremely demanded in the job market. If you are someone who wants to develop a career as an Azure Database Administrator, there is no better way to validate your expertise than by taking the Exam-Labs. This in turn brings you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associateс certification.

However, to pass this test on the first attempt, you should be ready to invest considerable time and effort into preparation. This guide offers you the techniques you can follow while studying for the DP-300 evaluation. Also, some critical exam details will be looked into as well. Read it thoroughly.

Microsoft DP-300 Exam Details

The Microsoft 70-764, also known as Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure, aims to evaluate the proficiency of the candidates in implementing and managing the operational aspects of hybrid data platforms and cloud-native solutions developed with the help of Microsoft Azure Data Services as well as Microsoft SQL Server. Specifically, the exam syllabus covers the following areas:

  • Organizing and effecting resources for the data platform
  • Creating a secure environment 
  • Monitoring and optimizing operational resources
  • Optimizing query performance
  • Carrying out automation of tasks
  • Organizing and effecting a HADR (High Availability & Disaster Recovery) surrounding
  • Carrying out administration with the use of T-SQL

As for other details, you will face the Microsoft 70-741 during the test that you will need to answer within 140 minutes. There’s a fee of $165 to be paid before appearing for the certification exam. On getting at least 700 points, you will pass the test and become a certified professional.

Techniques to Prepare and Pass the DP-300 Evaluation

Before the evaluation date, exhaustive preparation is essential. Here are the techniques to ensure you prepare well and pass the Microsoft 70-742 in one go:

Go through the exam’s objectives

Exploring each of the subjects outlined in the syllabus of the DP-300 test is essential to a rigorous evaluation preparation. The official webpage includes a PDF that you can download and use to review the possible test’s content. Delving into the exam objectives ensures the materials or methods you utilize during your preparation are appropriate.

Seek practical experience

Earning some experience through practice assists a lot in building the relevant competency for the exam. Further, hands-on practice is going to help you in your future career. Since Microsoft evaluations, Microsoft 98-366 that is based on performance, a practical application of what you have learned is crucial for your exam success. You can find labs that enable you to apply the acquired knowledge, thereby enhancing your preparation for the DP-300 test. 

Enroll in a relevant training course

Microsoft offers official training courses to help learners prepare for the DP-300 test. Courses present a chance for the examinees to grasp knowledge from knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Other than training you on what the test encompasses, your instructor can also take time to guide you on what resources and techniques work best for preparation. For more related articles visit this blog –


Acing the Microsoft MS-300 is possible as long as you’ve put the right techniques to practice. Once you have sufficient knowledge of its content, you can enroll in a training course and apply what you have learned in practice. Always ensure you commit enough time to your preparation so as not to miss any important information. Wishing you the best as you prepare for the upcoming evaluation!



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