Tattoo Cover Ups

Getting a tattoo may seem cool and stylish at first, but people who get tattooed are not always ready to keep their tattoos for a lifetime. When you see that the tattoo is not coming out as you expected, you get utterly disappointed. Here, the magic of tattoo cover-ups comes to use.

Carrying an unattractive, unwanted, and poorly done tattoo for your whole life is not easy. Tattoos are meant to be flaunted, but it is time for you to use tattoo cover-ups if you are trying to hide them. 

Tattoo cover-ups will help you hide, change, and redesign your tattoo if it gets messed up on the first attempt. A permanent tattoo cover-up cost depends on the color, size, and design of your tattoo. A tattoo artist can guide you correctly.

What is a tattoo cover-up?

What is a tattoo cover-up

Covering up a tattoo is a process that hides and replaces your old tattoo with a new one. People also use cover-ups if their old tattoo is fading away. In such cases, darker inks are used to make the same tattoo. 

So, if you want a cover-up tattoo, just consult with a professional and get an appointment. Only a professional artist can create something extraordinary from your old tattoo.

How do tattoo cover-ups work?

When you get tattooed for the first time, the ink is injected into your skin. During the cover-up process, the new ink is used in the same layer. The new color does not cover the old one; instead, both the colors get mixed and create a new color. 

If the new color has a darker pigment, it will dominate the tattoo. If the artists use red color over an old blue one, both will get mixed and create a purple hue. That is why most artists prefer black as a cover-up. 

All professionals usually focus on concealing the color of the old tattoo so that they can showcase the new one.

Role of colors in concealing a tattoo

After a complete mess up, experimenting with a new design can be frightening. But if you have a better idea about different colors and their pigments, you can work on your old tattoo. Always remember, black is the best option for tattoo cover-ups

You can also go for green, orange, blue, or brown to camouflage an old tattoo. Using darker shades of the same color is also effective in covering tattoos. Artists also use complementing new colors that get mixed up with old ones and create something new. 

What is a tattoo cover-up foundation?

Sometimes we require temporary tattoo cover-ups to attend some event or family gathering. In such cases, a tattoo cover-up foundation turns out to be helpful. You can get the foundation in different skin tones and apply it to your skin. 

Thus, you will get 24 hours cover-up. A good-quality foundation is usually smudge-free and does not wear out. The Kat Von D tattoo cover-up foundation is one of the most popular brands and most used by famous tattoo artists. 

You can check the Kat Von D tattoo cover up foundation review to know more about this brand.  

Things you must consider before opting for a permanent tattoo cover-up

If you are not happy with your current tattoo, you must use a cover-up. The process is quite easy, but you must consider a few things before you opt for a cover-up.


A tattoo cover-up will always be larger than your old tattoo. The artist has to cover the old design with a new one. So, you might end up with a bigger and more visible tattoo. But make sure that the bigger tattoo looks better on your skin so that you can flaunt it. 

With a bigger size, you can be more creative and opt for a bolder design. But if you are not sure about tattooing a larger part of your skin, do consult with your tattoo artist.


Tattoo cover-ups cannot be done using light colors. You have to opt for a bold one as the light colors can only fix the uneven lines of your old tattoo. So, do not expect a red, green, or yellow cover-up tattoo.

If you use these colors, you can never get full coverage. Try sticking to black and other dark shades.

The older, the better

As a tattoo gets old, the color fades away automatically. So, the older your tattoo becomes, the easier cover-ups you get. The ink of your old tattoo will break up, which can be easily replaced by new ink. 


These are some of the things that you must keep in mind while covering up your tattoo. If you’re not happy with your current tattoo, get a new one with creative tattoo cover-ups.



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