Do you love wearing T-shirts? Are t-shirts for men the most versatile and affordable pieces of clothing? Are you confused about which colour T-shirt would be most suitable for you? Do not worry; we have got you. In this blog, we will plunge into the 7 most suitable coloured t-shirts men you must have in your wardrobe.

Understanding Color Theory

To understand which coloured t-shirts for men are a must-have, we need to dive into colour theory. Colour theory teaches which colours suit your skin tone best. You can be of 3 skin tones, namely fair, medium, and dark. In these skin tones, you can have 3 undertones which are pink undertones, neutral undertones, or yellow undertones. Sounds crazy, right? Bear with us. We will explain. 

Look at your wrists. If the nerves on your wrists are greenish in colour, you have a yellow or a warm undertone. If the nerves on your wrists are more of a bluish colour, then you have a pink or a cool undertone. If the nerves of your wrists are a mix of both bluish and a greenish colour, then you have a neutral undertone. Read on to find out which colour would suit you the best.

Top 7 Colour T-shirts Every Man Must Own

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer choice of t-shirts that every store offers. Going by the colour theory, not every colour is meant for every skin tone and undertone. So what to do in such cases? Worry not! We have curated a list of 7 colour t-shirts that every man must own. Read on to find out more.

  1. Black

You can never go wrong with black. It is a universally flattering colour. A black T-shirt suits every skin tone and undertone. A black t-shirt would not only make you look dapper, but it can be layered with other pieces of clothing like a blazer, a denim jacket, or even a scarf.

  1. Beige

A beige t-shirt leaning towards the yellow side would look good on neutral and warm undertones. In the colder weather, you can wear a beige turtleneck tshirt for men and pair it with brown or tan trousers. However, in the warmer weather, you can pair it with a brown pair of shorts or cargo pants.

  1. Brown/Tan

A brown or tan coloured tshirt for men is another timeless piece that you can style with almost anything. This colour is more suitable for autumn or winter season. You can pair this T-shirt with black shorts, black denims or black trousers. This is a fairly warm colour that would suit yellow or warm undertones.

  1. Maroon

Maroon is a sophisticated colour that would suit every skin tone and undertone. Depending upon the occasion, you can dress up or down a maroon tshirt for men. A maroon t-shirt can be paired with blue denim or black cargo pants. Maroon colour makes everyone look attractive, as this colour is associated with power and passion. This colour can be worn in a formal setting by pairing it with a blazer.

  1. Olive/Army Green

Olive green or Army green is a very dark shade of green. Unlike other shades of green, which might appear tacky or childish, olive or army green is a soothing colour everyone can pull off. This colour can be paired with black, brown, beige, or even denim lowers. For a more sophisticated look, you can pair an olive green tshirt for men with beige trousers.

  1. Gray

Gray is the most flattering and easygoing colour in the colour palette. This colour can be layered with almost any colour under the sun. We cannot think of any way in which grey could go wrong. This colour would suit any skin tone, whether it is fair, medium, or dark, and would complement all undertones, be it warm, cool, or neutral. 

During the colder weather, you can layer your grey tshirt for men with a maroon, white, pink, black, or even a shirt. During the summer, you can wear grey as it is and pair it with black or denim jeans. If there is one non-negotiable colour that you want to have in your wardrobe, we strongly recommend that you let it be grey. That’s how versatile this colour is!

  1. White

The white colour would suit any skin tone and undertone. This colour is crucial for layering. You can pair it up with almost any colour and any undertone. However, while shopping for a white t-shirt, be mindful of investing in a white t-shirt and not a white undershirt. White undershirts are more thin in comparison and would look unsophisticated when worn alone.

Final Thoughts

We understand that sometimes fashion rules and styling can be a bit tricky. But the best thing you can wear is your confidence. Do not get swayed by the fashion trends and styles. Remember, styles may come and go, but you always have the confidence to flaunt them. So, even if you like a colour outside this colour palette, feel free to wear it confidently. Happy dressing!



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