They say summers are extremely refreshing with regards to fashion trends. The truth is when you are young and bubbly each season has its fashion must-haves and must-dos that we tend to go crazy about. However, being young comes with its only disadvantage and that is – little money and a strained budget. If you’re a university student you can well empathize with this.

So here is a read dedicated to spending less this summer yet satisfying our deep love for shopping, clothes, and things in vogue. A guide to starting a capsule wardrobe ( a well-thought-through clothes collection that makes you look fab) full of useful outfits for the summer. Fortunately, some capsule wardrobe essentials never change because they adapt to the changing seasons so well.

Capsule Wardrobe – Intro & Benefits                              

A capsule wardrobe is fancy terminology for a rather simple concept of owning fewer clothes. It allows you to incorporate minimalism, and shop mindfully so that you can lead a life full of intention and organization.

That is a lot of philosophy to a simple practice of dressing up but the truth is once you create a capsule wardrobe you will save time. The long contemplation before deciding on an outfit will cut-down to a quick decision made in mere minutes.

You will not complain about having nothing to wear, even though your wardrobe is crammed with clothes. It will reduce stress because you will be saving money. It will increase productivity because you will not spend hours on wardrobe organization. Furthermore, it will help you maintain a  clean physical, and mental space.

Convinced? Let’s Begin

The capsule wardrobe is not governed by any hard and fast rules. Before anything you should reduce excess from your wardrobe. Keep only those clothes that you will be reaching for over and over again. The key is to determine what you want to have and how much is enough.

Create a base wardrobe that includes clothes that do not change throughout the year. These include jackets, sweaters, scarves/bandanas, and workout clothes, and shoes. In this post, we will only discuss the summer base wardrobe.

List It

It is advised to prepare a list, and break it down into different categories: tops, pants/trousers, shoes, and accessories. The following items are just to give you a slight inkling about what you can include in a capsule wardrobe.


Here are some of the suggestions for essential tops that can be worn in the summers.


Duh! Who doesn’t own a soft, airy, and comfy Tee? If you don’t own one, get it. They look great with almost any bottom and are perfect when you want to look effortlessly stylish.

Cotton Cardigan

A fan of tank-tops, I love using light cardigans in beiges or creams. You may not need an extra layer in the summer heat but they will be great in air-conditioned spaces.

Trendy Tops

Get a pair of cute and trendy tops in bright colors; you can mix and match with different colored bottoms. They will be great for a weekend hangout.


The bottoms can be circulated, you have the advantage of using some of these suggestions all year round therefore you can put them in the yearly wardrobe base list as well.

Skinny Jeans

Obviously! No wardrobe is complete without these popular favorites and I will not believe if you told me that you don’t own one. That is just not possible!


Find a perfect fit for yourself before making your purchase. The key to loving a pair of jeans short for summers is a fitting that flatters your body type.

Fashion Accessories 

The most versatile wardrobe essential. Bandanas are powerful outfit boosters that can be styled according to the occasion, and worn around different body parts. I love using stylish bandanas by 4inbandana in different prints. You too can buy their quality products for a stylish flair.

All pieces of jewelry are perfect to make a statement but there is something about a pair of flashy earrings that makes them perpetually trendy. Add glamor to your wardrobe with earrings that are iconic and so you.

That’s It?

Obviously not!  This is to ease your bewilderment, in case you are wondering how I plan to survive summers with only seven wardrobe articles mentioned here. Needless to say, this isn’t my complete wardrobe; the suggestions provided are extremely basic just to get you started on the capsule wardrobe so that you too can reap the benefits of the concept



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