For many people, large items of furniture, like sofas, beds, and dining tables, take up quite a lot of our available floor space. They are often the first thing people see when they walk into a room, and as well as being practical pieces, they set the tone of our décor. But most of us are guilty of moving them in and leaving them as they are. By styling and dressing your sofa, you can turn a functional piece into a cool feature, making a statement with your décor without losing any space or function. Here are some fantastic ways to style your sofa to turn it into a cool feature. 

Choose a Statement Sofa

Of course, the easiest and most effective way to turn your sofa into a statement is to choose a statement sofa in the first place. Something eye-catching but cosy, like the classic Togo sofa, can be an excellent option if you are ready for something new. 

Add Cushions and Throws for a Cosy Feel

Whether your sofa itself is oversized, slouchy and cosy, or harder and more formal, you can still create a cosy feel with cushions and throws. Your sofa should scream comfort and welcome you in, so these are important additions. 

Create Depth with Texture

Your cushions and throws are a great way to add layers and depth, but you can further emphasise this using different fabrics—team smooth satins with soft velvets and cooling linen with heavy wool for the best effects. 

Add Colour

A colourful sofa is a great way to make a statement and create interest. But it’s not for everyone, and if your room is already reasonably colourful, adding a colourful and bold sofa could be overwhelming. If you prefer a neutral sofa, add colour to those all-important cushions and throws, as well as to nearby pieces like side tables and standing lamps. 

Work with Pattern

Patterns are another way to create interest. Patterned sofas are trendy but can limit your other décor choices. If your sofa is plain, add a patterned cushion or two for even more depth. 

Hang Art Around the Space

If your sofa is against a large wall, it’s easy to get lost, and much harder for it to be the focus. Hanging a large piece of artwork, wall textiles, or creating a gallery with smaller photos on the wall behind it draws the eye. 

Frame it with Plants

Whether your sofa is in the middle of the room or against a wall, adding large houseplants to the sides or behind can frame it without overwhelming the eye. This is a great way to create focus and depth, and houseplants have plenty of other benefits. 

Enhance and Highlight with Lighting

Lighting is another way to draw attention to the sofa and highlight its features and accessories. Placing your sofa under your main light is effective, but adding a tall standing lamp to the side or back or placing a table lamp on your side table will give the sofa extra function and create a softer space. 

Look After It

If you want your sofa to look fantastic and last for a long time, ensure you are looking after it with regular cleaning and plumping and taking care of stains quickly. 

Your sofa can be costly, so make sure you are getting the most out of it. It shouldn’t just be a nice place to sit. It should also be pulling its weight when creating a stylish lounge. 



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