Sleep is arguably the most crucial part of your entire day, yet so many people neglect it or fail to find workable ways to improve their sleep cycle. In fact, most of the world don’t even know what the constituent parts of a sleep cycle are, or how the process of sleeping actually works. 

This is more vitally important than ever, because in the age of constant screen time, increasing stress levels, and remote working hours that never seem to end, more and more people are finding it tough to switch off at night.

The problem is that just one single night of poor sleep can send you into a downward spiral of energy levels, a lack of emotional control, and irrationality. You’ll feel more and more desperate to sleep, which will in turn prevent you from relaxing and falling effortlessly into unconsciousness.

The longer this goes on for, the more your life will be negatively affected, so it’s crucial to tackle the issue as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are struggling to sleep, this is what you should try:

Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible

One of the best ways to tackle a sleepless night is to make your bedroom as comfortable and relaxing as possible. You need to tell your subconscious that it’s time for sleep, and that it should start shutting down.

The problem is that few people understand this simple fact and presume they can just switch off regardless. It’s the same as believing you can concentrate in the middle of a crowd or feel intimate with your partner under a bright light. Your body needs its surroundings to reflect the state that you wish to induce.

That is why you should dim the lights as soon as you enter the room before bed. You should also make sure the room is cooler than your bed temperature, which will help to relax you, and that there isn’t much noise (if you live in an urban area, invest in a fan or play a white noise playlist off your phone during the night). 

You should also invest in a high-quality mattress. This will make sure you’re comfortable in bed and have a healthy posture. There are plenty of mattress stores in the Woodlands TX for you to browse. Just make sure you pick a mattress that suits your personal tastes.

Avoid screens or blue light before bed

Another key tip that’s increasingly relevant in the modern world is the damage that screens and other forms of blue light do to the quality of your sleep.

The screens on your phone or laptop emit this blue light, which your brain believes to be the same as the sunlight. Therefore, when you scroll on your phone in bed, your brain is waking your body up in the mistaken belief that it’s morning. So many people do this and then complain that they can’t get to sleep.

Switch your phone off and stop watching Netflix two hours (one hour minimum) before bed. Instead, read a book or take a warm shower.

Try meditation or breathing exercises

If you’re struggling to relax before bed and you find yourself worrying about silly problems when you turn the lights off, then begin your sleeping routine by doing some meditation or breathing exercises.

This will start switching your mind and body off from the stresses of the day and prepare you for sleeping.



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