Every year, as December wears away, people everywhere start to consider their goals for the new year. Resolutions are a popular way to kick off the new year and get things rolling in the right direction in regard to such goals. As the countdown to Christmas continues, you might also be wondering about what sort of positive changes you would like to make for the start of 2022.

One goal that is definitely worth having and certainly achievable this coming year is that of taking better care of your skin. 

Why focus on skincare? 

There is only so much that your skin can put up with before damage, and the key signs of aging will start to appear. The cold winter temperatures and weather only enhance this. Therefore, the new year couldn’t be a better time for you to focus on repairing or taking care of your skin. Take steps towards achieving an overall better quality of the skin.

Skincare trends

Just as in years past, the new year will undoubtedly come with its fair share of skincare trends and fads. Sifting through such trends to find the skincare tactics that are going to work best for you can be a challenge.

If your goal is to take better overall care of your skin and even repair some existing skin damage that you have noticed, here are a few tips that can help you to make 2022 the year of your best skin yet.

Trust the Pros

There are going to be plenty of new products and treatments making their appearance in the new year that will promise to deliver the skincare results that you have been waiting for. However, it can be more difficult to know what treatments are worth a try and which ones are going to prove to be simply a waste of time and money.

Your best course of action in 2022 is to trust your skincare treatments to the pros. A trained and qualified skincare professional, like those at dermani Medspa, will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to the new treatments you should try.

Not only will a qualified skincare expert know which new treatments will deliver results, but they will also be able to help you find the ones that are best suited for your particular skin care goals and needs.

Focus on Moisture

One of the top trends for the coming year is soft, moisture-filled skin. However, this can be a tough order to fill during the winter months, as the weather tends to be colder and dryer than other times of the year.

Take the time to look for moisturizers that contain ingredients like shea butter and glycerin, as these will help to give your skin that boost of hydration that you are after. You should also consider using a nighttime-specific moisturizer before bed, as this is a time when your skin is capable of absorbing a great deal of moisture. You will love being able to wake up to soft, hydrated skin every morning of the new year.



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