Looking for beautiful views, an outstanding town, and perfect ski-slopes? Vail, Colorado is the spot for skiing. With a number of amenities, from fine dining to cozy resort lodges, there’s something for everyone.

But the thing that it’s most known for is its slopes. And if you’re wondering whether or not you should plan your next trip to Vail based on accessibility to ski lockers, we’ll answer that and more in the article below.

Are Lockers Available in Vail, Colorado?

Oh yeah. There are many options for slope-goers as they head towards the mountains. From full-length lockers to simple shoe lockers, there are options at your disposal.

A full-length locker costs around $60/day. These can hold your skis, boots, and a jacket or two. You’ve got the option to rent these at a weekly rate of $55, or monthly for $850, for those who aren’t going anywhere for the winter.

Coin-operated shoe lockers are available and come in different sizes. For a day, you can rent a small for $5 or a larger locker for $10.

Bringing the whole family? No problem. Seasonal lockers are available and come prepared to hold four pairs of poles, boots, and skis. Included with the rental are four boot dryers, per locker.

Click here for more information about locker rentals in Vail, Colorado. Depending on if you’re renting equipment, you may be entitled to free storage. Further, different resorts offer different rates for those staying with them.

Why Store Your Gear?

Vail is a very walkable town. That doesn’t mean you’re going to want to walk around in your ski boots, carrying your skis and gear with you from resort to gondola.

In fact, it’s not all that safe to do so. Twisting an ankle hobbling to the gondola is going to ruin an entire ski trip. And carrying a ski through town may cause it to break or get damaged.

During a day of snowy Vail weather, you certainly won’t want to spend more time hustling to your rental than you would have to.

So store your gear in a place close and secure to the gondola (or the shuttle taking you to the gondola).

Why Ski in Vail?

There’s nothing else like it in the US, as the town was built like a sleek, modern counterpart to the rustic, charming ski towns from Europe.

Opening day starts just after Thanksgiving, each year, and ends in mid-April. And there’s not a week in there where you can’t find excellent conditions for shredding those slopes.

Speaking of slopes, Vail offers over 5,000 acres of skiable terrain, with over 50% of that being fit for advanced and expert skiers.

And these slopes boast some range. The peak of the mountain sits around 11,000 feet (3,527 M) above sea level, with the base of the mountain dipping around 8,000 feet (2,454 M).

Hit the Slopes; Head to Vail, Colorado

If your main concern was where you were going to store your ski stuff, fret not. Vail has several great options for storing your gear anywhere from a single day to months at a time.

So start thinking less about where your gear will go and more about which slopes you’ll hit first! Even in Colorado, few places match Vail Mountain’s majesty.

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