Did you know that the typical American spends over $1,800 per year on clothing? When you’re plotting your next wardrobe addition, make sure you go with a versatile option to maximize your returns. Black dresses for women offer a lot of versatility since they work for many different occasions.

Ready to start shopping? Stick around to learn about 6 types of black dresses every woman will love!

1. Keep It Casual in a Black Shirt Dress

Keep It Casual in a Black Shirt Dress

A knee-length shirt dress is a perfect look for running errands or grabbing a bite to eat with friends. The collar and buttons add a touch of detail. And some shirt dresses come with a built-in belt to help define your waistline. 

Dress down this dress with flip-flops or tennis shoes. You’ll still look better than you would in joggers and a t-shirt!

To elevate the look, elevate your accessories. A black shirt dress with silver bangles can look refined at an outdoor party. Or introduce some bright pink earrings or a patterned scarf for an attention-grabbing combo.

A black shirt dress will flatter your physique and keep you comfortable, even when you want to look a little nicer. Wear it to pick up the kids on a weekday or throw it on before a Saturday barbecue. 

Best of all, a casual cotton shirt dress won’t gouge your budget. And the versatility of black as the main color opens the door to lots of accessories. You can snag one of these dresses for under $50!

2. Elevate Your Look with an Off-Shoulder Dress

Black dresses for women are ideal for formal occasions. The dark color flatters every silhouette and looks dramatic. Best of all, an off-shoulder dress lets you show off jewelry — and your collarbone!

Choose a velvet dress for company holiday parties or a trip to the opera. Pair the dress with a string of pearls for a classic sense of style. Or wear an antique broach and carry a small handbag.

A dress that hits the knees is ideal for formal events where the vibe is more relaxed. But switch to a floor-length gown for black tie events. 

3. Try a Sheath Dress in Black

Try a Sheath Dress in Black

When you’re giving a pitch to a potential client or meeting with the board, a sheath dress has you covered. These sleek dresses will hug your curves for a clean and trim appearance. Go with a V-neck style to notch up the sense of glamour, or a boatneck for a timeless look.

For a happy hour celebration, you can wear sandals to keep things light and airy. For a little more polish, wear pumps and a tennis bracelet. 

Sheath dresses offer a refined look that can transition from casual to sophisticated. When you’re not sure what to wear, reach for a sheath dress in an understated black. And if you’ve been hitting the gym, you’ll have the perfect way to show off your toned physique!

4. Invest in a Black Cocktail Dress

Invest in a Black Cocktail Dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet. This will become your go-to dress when you want to look nice but don’t have a lot of dress code parameters. It’s a good choice for a date, meet-up with friends, or dinner on the town.

Typically, this will be a shorter dress that sits above the knee. Going with a sleeveless dress opens the door for adding a scarf, wrap, or long satin gloves. You may even want to get a sleeveless version as well as one with sleeves for winter outings.

Aim to choose a simple cut that’s neither too flared nor too tight. Satin and silk are popular materials that will keep you cool when the weather’s warm. A high neckline offers more modesty, while a scoop next provides enough room for a necklace.

5. Black Wedding Dresses Offer an Unusual Twist

While white has long been the go-to color for wedding dresses, who says you can’t update traditions? If you’re planning a themed wedding at night or Halloween nuptials, you might want to go with black.

Black long sleeve dresses with lacey textures will look striking with dramatic lipstick or eye makeup. Add a black veil or some bursts of color with seasonal flowers in your bouquet. If your groom is wearing a black tux, you’ll make for the perfect photo op.

Don’t feel like you need to conform to traditional choices. Get some black wedding dress ideas for your special day!

6. Go with a Retro Flared Dress

If you’ve always wanted to step back in time with your fashion, go for a retro flared dress. You’ll channel some 1950s style that can look modern, too, with the right accessories. Just toss on a cardigan and a headband!

You can think of a flared dress as a more exaggerated version of the classic A-line dress. A little more flare on the edges will add bounce to your stride. It also will have the effect of making your waistline appear even trimmer.

Going with a black flared dress provides a modern update. With a white clutch or shimmery flats, you’ll be ready for date night on the patio or an office party. 

A pair of ballet flats can dress down this look. Wear some fishnet stockings for the ultimate throwback ensemble, or opt for bare legs to achieve a sharp summer look.

Choose the Right Black Dresses

Black dresses offer versatility and class regardless of the setting. Stock your closet with a little black dress for nights on the town, or an off-shoulder dress for fancy occasions. And dress up your daily activities with a shirt dress or sheath dress that will have you looking stylish!

Get more fashion outfit ideas. Check back soon for fresh and informative articles.



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