Shoe Solutions: What Is the Widest Width in Women’s Shoes?

Finding a great pair of comfortably fitting shoes is challenging, especially if you have wide feet.

Women’s shoes come in a variety of widths, so knowing which one suits you will help guarantee that your new shoes are comfy.

Read on to learn more about which shoes for women are the widest, so you can find the pair that’s right for you.

Women’s Shoe Size Variations

Women’s shoes typically range from a size five (the smallest) to size 12 (the largest). If you wear between a size five and seven, your feet are likely narrower than if you wear a larger women’s shoe size.

In many cases, a woman’s foot is narrower and smaller than a man’s. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need a wider-fitting shoe.

It’s important to make sure that you know your correct shoe size before you look for the right width. This will ensure that you find a pair of shoes in stock that will fit your feet comfortably.

Women’s Shoes: Widths

Women’s shoes come in four different widths that are coded using a letter system. Shoes listed as AA are the narrowest width available. Approximately 90% of women wear a normal width, however, some may need shoes that are wider. 

Any shoes listed with the letter B behind the size number are of average width, while anything with a C or D width is considered wide. There are also E-width women’s shoes, which is the widest option available. 

If you see something with the letter E next to it, these are extra wide width womens shoes. Many women with diabetes can benefit from wearing shoes in an extra-wide width. This ensures that the shoes will fit your feet whenever they are swollen and can help prevent circulation issues.

How Can the Widest Shoes Help You?

When you’re looking for shoes for women, consider the widest width if you have foot pain, swollen feet, or other issues. Wearing wider-width shoes can provide you with better motion control and offer additional room so your toes can move freely.

Women with bunions or hammertoes can also benefit from wearing wider shoes. These shoes support and distribute your body weight, keeping it away from pressure points to relieve pain.

Wide-width women’s shoes may also reduce your risk of foot problems, particularly in high-pressure areas of the foot. They may also help to prevent calluses from forming and encourage improved blood circulation. Determine your shoe size and your foot width in advance to help you find the right pair for you.

Find Your Perfect Pair

The widest women’s shoes are extra-wide, which is notated with the letter E. Once you find the right pair that fits you, you’ll be able to enjoy walking and participating in other daily activities in comfort. 

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