Being in relationships for some time, people can say if their spouse is behaving strange or unusual right away. Unfortunately, in some cases, it means that a partner is cheating. If you feel the same way about your girlfriend, this article will help you navigate this situation and decide on your next steps.

Online Cheating: 7 Clear Signals That She Is Unfaithful

So, should you be worried if your girlfriend is talking to other guys or if it’s just you being jealous? Here are 7 clear signs she’s cheating:

  • She holds onto her phone and has a new password on all her devices
  • She leaves the room to text or talk
  • She doesn’t behave the same way towards you
  • She’s dressing up more, changing her appearance
  • She seems busy a lot
  • You caught her telling lies
  • She gets angry when you ask questions

This is not an exclusive list of suspicious behaviors of a cheating person – you can check other signs she’s talking to someone else to ensure yourself. The point is that this sudden change in someone and shift in the relationship energy is a reason for concern and further investigation. 

How to Deal with Your Girlfriend Talking to Other Guys Online

Having more than enough reasons to suspect your girlfriend lied about talking to other guys – we suppose you have already asked her about it – what are the next steps? How to catch her talking to other guys online and put this case to rest? We have a few proven methods. Modern phone trackers let users track various cell phone activities, including texts, surrounding sounds, deleted messages and calls, keylog strokes, etc. Let’s break them down.

xMobi App Is Better for Tracking Calls and Messages

xmobi app

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To have some evidence on your hands, the best way is to see your girlfriend’s text messages and possibly make a copy of them and bring them out while posing the cheating question point-blank. One of the ways to do that is to install a tracking app on her mobile device. The xMobi app could be a good solution for this purpose, as it’s one of the best apps for tracking calls and messages, including timestamps and deleted logs, on Android and iOS. Apart from that, you will be able to check her location using a SIM card tracker and hack other phone activities. She won’t be able to hide the fact that she is at the Exe’s house while claiming to be working late anymore. 

Phonyspy Is a Better Solution for Social Media Monitoring

phonyspy app

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If your goal is to check your girlfriend’s social media messages and shared multimedia files, you should consider using the Phonyspy app instead. This app allows you to see all chats and messages on YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and even on dating apps like Tinder, if your girlfriend has one. It can boast full access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS as if you were the account owner, letting you block users, write DMs, follow users, etc.

Having one of those solutions on the targeted phone will guarantee you answers to all your concerns and doubts. This is the best way to finally know if she is cheating on you.

Why Is My Girlfriend Talking to Other Guys? 

Usually, when the fact of cheating is confirmed, people start wondering what was the reason for such betrayal. We decided to highlight the most popular reasons people are starting an affair:

  • A desire to escape from reality
  • Underlying relationship problems
  • Wanting to pursue certain fantasies
  • Avoiding distress caused by the relationship
  • Poor communication and lack of trust
  • Self-esteem issues

Final Words

To have a healthy relationship is an important and needed thing in every person’s life. Everybody deserves to be loved and treated right. If you have reasons to suspect that your girlfriend is cheating and she is avoiding this topic at all costs – stand your ground and resort to using a spy app to solve your doubts. We hope that this article has been helpful to you. 



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