Are you hoping to get fit this year by starting to go for runs on a regular basis? If you’re hoping to get started with a jogging routine, there are some running tips you should know so that you can prepare for success. 

For some awesome running tips for beginners, keep reading. Everyone gets started somewhere and running can be a great way to live a happier and healthier lifestyle

1. Start Small

If you’re new to jogging or are just getting back into the game, it’s best to start small so that you can slowly work towards progress. As a new runner, you should plan short running intervals and feel free to walk in between these intervals when you are in need of a rest or to regain steady breathing. Over time, you can begin to lengthen the lengths of your runs or to up your speed as you begin to work up the strength you need as a runner. 

When starting, you may want to start by alternating your intervals between jogging and walking. For example, you may consider running for two minutes and then walking for two minutes. This can be a great way to start small so that you stick to your new fitness plan rather than becoming overwhelmed and giving up. 

Begin increasing your speed or running interval length until you can complete the distance without needing to take walking breaks at all. A great tip to start your running sessions free of expectations so that you don’t risk losing your motivation. 

2. Don’t Start Out Too Fast

It’s important to remember that your body will need time to adjust to the strains and stresses that come with running. Oftentimes, new joggers will start by running too fast which will not be sustainable for more than a few minutes. This can cause overexertion, frustration, and injury. 

For this reason, it’s best to start your runs at a moderate pace. For example, you should be running at a pace that would still allow you to have a conversation. You should maintain this pace the entire distance in the beginning stages and work up to higher speeds as your body begins to acclimate to this new fitness routine. 

3. Give Your Body Time to Recover 

While you may be getting really excited about your new workouts which may cause you to want to get up and run on a daily basis, it’s important to remember to give your body time to recover. You need to allow your body to rest in order to maintain the energy that you need to continue your running routine so you should work rest days into your fitness schedule. 

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Running Tips for Starters 

If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, keep these awesome running tips for beginners in mind. 

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