Tom Ford has few rivals when it comes to luxury eyewear. The Wallace FT0870 52T glasses exemplify the excellent level of elegance and style that characterizes the Wallace brand. In this article, we’ll examine what distinguishes these shades from other fashionable eyewear and emphasize their most distinctive qualities.

Whose Faces Look Best in These Sunglasses?

Tom Ford uses high-quality materials to construct their sunglasses, the Wallace FT0870 52T. They’re ideal for folks who want to seem timeless yet feel glamorous. These sunglasses are great for both sexes since they may be used as a fashion accessory or for practical purposes. These sunglasses were made for those who want to seem cool and collected wherever they go, from the red carpet to the sidewalk.

What makes them different from everyone else?

Because of its striking look and distinguishing features, the Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses are a must-have for fashion-conscious individuals.

Classical Style

These sunglasses have the hallmarks of Tom Ford’s iconic style. The timeless design of the classic aviator shape is given a contemporary makeover in this stylish frame.

Premium Components

These spectacles have frames built from the lightweight but durable material acetate. The sleek, high-end finish and tight fit are also benefits of the acetate build.

Unique T-Bar Accent

The metal T-bar design is a trademark of the Wallace FT0870 52T frames and can be seen on the bridge. This stands out from the others and gives the design a touch of sophistication.

Progressive Lenses

The gradient lenses of the sunglasses do more than protect your eyes from the sun’s rays; they also provide you an aura of mystery and allure. The gradual look makes them ideal for transitioning between inside and outside.

Iconic Logo

Discreet Tom Ford Branding Fans of high-end eyewear will enjoy the Tom Ford emblem on the temples as a sign of authenticity and quality.

Where to Buy One?

Tom Ford’s Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses are a collectable item worthy of a pricey investment. These sunglasses may be purchased from various upscale retailers, such as specialityboutiques and department stores. Find what you’re seeking by searching online. Tom Ford’s official website, along with other well-known online sites like Mojoglasses and Nordstrom, gives a location to explore and buy these renowned eyewear items. Stick with famous stores to ensure you get an authentic product while purchasing online.


The price of a Tom Ford product is comparable to that of other luxury brands. Priced at £170.00 ($207.00), a pair of Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses can be purchased at Mojoglasses. When you buy these sunglasses, you’re investing in more than just a fashionable accessory; you’re investing in a piece of art. The high price tag for these glasses equates with the superior quality of the materials used and the level of design and skill that went into their creation.

Is the Wallace FT0870 52T from Tom Ford a Good Fit?

The Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses are a symbol of style and luxury. Here’s why you should add these hues to your collection:

Elegance of the Past

The aviator shape will always stay in style. Tom Ford has given this classic a modern twist with the Wallace FT0870 52T, which is both cutting-edge and exquisite.

Superior Workmanship

Tom Ford, a designer known for his refined aesthetic, painstakingly developed this stunning eyewear. The high-quality acetate frames and the gold-tone hardware are just two examples of the craftsmanship on display.


The Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses are versatile enough to complement a variety of attire. They are a great addition to any ensemble, whether you’re going out on the town or dressing up for a special occasion.

Eyewear Safety

These sunglasses look great and do a great job of protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays. Lenses with a gradient pattern give protection from the sun while retaining optical clarity.

Symbol of Luxury

These eyeglasses by Tom Ford are indicative of social class because of the designer’s prominence in the fashion world. When you wear them, people will immediately recognize your impeccable taste.

Celebrity Endorsers

Tom Ford’s Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses are a must-have for anybody who wants to be in the public eye, as seen by their widespread use by celebrities. While filming “Quantum of Solace,” Daniel Craig wore a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. He was wearing the TF108S model of the car. Numerous photographs have been taken of famous actors, musicians, and fashion icons wearing these shades. Because of their endorsement, these sunglasses have gained a reputation for sophistication. 

Protecting Your Glasses

By considering the purchase of a pair of Tom Ford’s Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses, you are making a bold fashion statement. The value of any investment warrants safety. Follow these steps to ensure your sunglasses last a long time.


Sunglasses should be stored in a protective case while not in use. They will be shielded from any potential scratches or stains. Sunglasses from Tom Ford often have their own unique case.


Use a cloth made of microfiber or lens cleaning solution to safely remove fingerprints and smudges from the lenses. Avoid wearing anything that might scratch the lenses, such as rough clothing or fibres.

Avoid Too Much Heat

Keep your glasses away from the oven or the automobile since the heat might warp the frames and fracture the lenses. Please don’t leave your sunglasses in the vehicle or the sun, where they’ll melt.

Upkeep on a Schedule

Verify that there are no shaky hinges or screws. It’s crucial to have your spectacles professionally repaired if they ever break.

Last Words

Tom Ford’s Wallace FT0870 52T sunglasses are more than just a fashionable accessory; they represent wealth and refined taste. The hefty price is a direct reflection of the excellent quality of these glasses, so those who are trying to make a long-lasting fashion statement should consider making the investment. If you take proper care of them, your new sunglasses will improve your look and defend your eyes for many years.



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