False lashes are beauty products made to be used repeatedly; this is according to the user’s liking because there are people who do not reuse lashes. If you settled on a good pair of false lashes and you cannot get enough of them, the best thing s is that you can reuse them. This is only after you follow the proper guidelines to ensure that you take the best care of your lashes and use them over and over again. The article below breaks down details on how often you can reuse lashes and how to do it correctly to get the most out of your false lashes.

Can you reuse false lashes?

Can you reuse false lashes?

Yes, false lashes can be reused. However, it would be best to understand how to reuse different lashes and the duration of wearing them before reusing them again. Good care and maintenance are also recommended to ensure that you reuse your lashes. There are several products that you need to clean the lashes after removing them to ensure that you reuse them accordingly;

  • Warm water
  • Water-based makeup remover
  • Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
  • Paper towels 
  • Cotton wool
  • Small bowl

Below are the guidelines to use when cleaning your fake lashes?

  1. Always wash your hands before touching the lashes; this is because your hands may bear germs that cause eye infections.
  2. Clean your hands properly using warm water and soap, and you can use an alcohol-based hand washer to make it more effective.
  3. Pick the lashes and place them on a paper towel.
  4. Remove the glue from the base of the eyelashes, and be careful to ensure that you do not pluck off the hairs from the lashes.
  5. You should then carefully wipe off any dirt on the eyelashes with the use of cotton wool. Ensure that the cotton wool is well clogged with the cleaning agent to avoid cotton wool pieces remaining evident on the eyelashes.

As much as you want to clean your false lashes, so do your natural lashes. After removing the false lashes from your eyes before sleeping, you should clean your lashes properly, and this is to ensure that they are free from dirt and oils accumulated on your face.


How many times can you reuse false lashes?

Several factors determine whether you can reuse your lashes or not. Quality lashes such as mink lashes can be reused even after six weeks when taken healthy care of. For false lashes made of synthetic material, it is advisable to wear them for around five weeks and reuse them. Lashes made from synthetic material tend to be weak and cannot be reused many times.

What are the best lashes to be reused?

best lashes to be reused

If you want to find false lashes, you should use mink lashes. This is because they are made from authentic materials, therefore, last long. One needs to settle on quality mink lashes to ensure that you reuse them when their fill-up duration comes up. There are two types of lashes, be knowledgeable enough about mink lashes vs faux mink.

How to make false lashes last longer enough for reusing

Avoid using makeup on false lashes

Lashes are made with the best material and structure to give you a full face beat. Using makeup products around your eyes would tamper with the condition of your lashes. You should altogether avoid using mascara and eyeliner; ensure that you have the lashes intact on your eyes.

Allow them to dry before storing them completely.

It is always necessary to ensure you clean the false lashes with the right products. Some lashes tend to become soggy such that they become loose from the area attached to the strips. The lashes should be completely dry and ensure that you store them in a cool, dry place.

Clean the false lashes accordingly

This is important that you use the right cleaning products to clean your false lashes. You should use clean water and fine brushes, and this is to ensure that excessive oils and dirt are from the lashes.

Follow the best removal process.

It would be relevant if you understood how to remove the eyelashes from your eyes carefully; this is to ensure that you do not pull them off wrongly. You can ask for more guidelines from your lash technician to remove the lashes correctly during the lash fill-up process or when changing them.

When should you throw away false lashes?

You must know when to dispose of your false lashes. Should you identify that hairs are being plucked off your lashes or causing irritation to your eyes, you should stop reusing them. Using the lashes in this condition is risky for your eyes and would cause you many eye infections.

Factors that determine reusing false lashes


It is essential to understand that different lashes exist; they are made from other materials, therefore, classifying them differently. For example, mink lashes are made from quality mink material, whereas faux ones are made from synthetic material. One needs to be well comprehended the different qualities of lashes. Identifying the best quality of lashes is essential to ensure that you use the lashes for an extended period and find value for your own money.

Care and maintenance

Taking care of your false lashes is essential by removing them before going to sleep and cleaning them accordingly. Ensuring that your natural lashes are at their best is vital, too; this is to give your eyes the best outlook. Keeping off makeup products when wearing false eyelashes would help you go a long way. Only use the essential face care products accordingly to ensure that you retain your lashes in the proper condition at the preferred time.

Reusing false lashes can be an excellent idea for a user who does not want to own many pairs or does not have the kind of budget for such. Taking care of your lashes and purchasing quality lashes is the only way to be promised of reusing the lashes successfully.



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