Makeup has advanced a lot in the last five years. Along with the advancement, its demand and production have also increased manifolds. Apart from enhancing your facial features, revolutionary makeup can also benefit your skin and make it look and feel better.


All these benefits aside, one fact about makeup still remains constant- you should always remove it before going to sleep. Many people tend to forget this or take advice lightly. In fact, ignoring it can cause a great deal of harm to your skin. Some of the problems that can arise by not removing makeup are:


Sleeping with make-up on can lead to pore congestion. It can mix with the normal oil secreted by the skin and result in breakouts.


Makeup settles into the fine lines of your skin. So, if you don’t remove it, your skin can look dull and older.


Your skin finally finds time to breathe a little when you sleep. The repair, replenishing, and anti-aging of the skin cannot take place with a layer of makeup on it.

Therefore, you should make sure to remove it before you sleep.


If this is a task too tiresome for you, here we have a list of a few things recommended by beauty blog sites California with which you can remove your makeup quite easily.


Just add a little amount of toner on cotton and wipe your face with it, it’s as easy as that. But make sure that the toner you use contains less alcohol and is non-drying.

Cold Cream

This is the most basic remedy for removing makeup, especially when applied in excess. Removing makeup with cotton is silky smooth. But do wash your face afterward.

Cleansing Oil

It works best for all skin types and isn’t harsh. It attracts the makeup, oil, and dirt on your face leaving clean breathing skin.

Wipes or Towelettes

Makeup removing wipes and towelettes are the most preferred by the best Southern California fashion blogs because they are easily available, clean really good, and can be carried anywhere without any hassle.

Micellar Water

This water is an amazing Parisian product that uses the micelle technology that removes makeup and impurities from your skin. It can even remove waterproof makeup quite well.


Now that you know about the stuff you need to do the task, knowing little tips and tricks to get it done well wouldn’t hurt right.

Here are a few tips on how you can remove makeup the right way.

  • When you apply makeup, you use all your time. Then why hurry while removing it? Take your time in removing it properly from your skin.
  • Some of the substances may be quite hard to remove. Don’t worry about them much. The above-mentioned products can ease the process. But make sure to be gentle. Do not run or scrub it too hard. You will only end up damaging your skin.
  • Sometimes, you can take the help of traditional practices like soap, water, steam etc. They work quite well.
  • Pay attention to your eyes. Remove the makeup well from their edges or it can result in infection and irritation.
  • Make sure to put a hairband and cleanse your hairline, which people mostly forget to do.
  • Always use moisturizer after the makeup removal process.

So, leave your laziness behind and hop onto your bed with a clean face ready for an amazing sleep. Stay updated on the Southern California fashion blog and do not miss any life-changing simple tips on beauty and lifestyle.

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