Everyone loves purse as much as shoes. But picking out a purse can be tricky because it’s not just about finding something that looks beautiful. It’s also about picking a bag that adds to your outfit and doesn’t detract from it. So here are some tips on how to choose a purse that works with your outfit:

Use a purse to complement your outfit, not overpower it.

The most important thing to know when selecting a purse is that it should not be the focal point of your outfit. Instead, select one that complements your outfit instead of overpowering it.

Purses come in many different materials and colors, so it’s important to find one that goes with the rest of your clothing. For example, if you’re wearing brown shoes with an all-black outfit, avoid choosing a black handbag as it will overpower your look by drawing attention to itself rather than what you’re wearing on top (your dress). Instead, choose some other neutral color like brown or grey and pair it with either nude or black shoes for an understated look that is sure to make heads turn!

Choose a purse that matches your shoes

If your shoes are neutral, you can use any color purse to match. But if they’re not, stick with a similar color. If your outfit is in black and white, for example, choose a bag in either black or white (or both).

If you wear an outfit that has several colors in it but no clear focal point, choose a purse of one of the colors from your outfit instead of going neutral. For example: if you have on blue jeans and a red top with some purple accents on it, you could go with something like this for a bag.

If your shoes are some types of tropical then look for a purse that made from leaf with an interesting shape and texture like this one Sissy Bags; for example, a lobed leaf or one with serrated edges.

If your purse is patterned or sequined, choose plain shoes.

If your purse is patterned or sequined, choose plain shoes.

Purses and shoes have to be in the same color family. If you wear a bolder handbag, pair it with simple shoes. This is especially important when making a statement with accessories like sequins or sparkles. The same goes for tonal patterns—if you want to make sure they match perfectly (and they should), keep things simple and stick to solids when picking out footwear.

If your bag is big and made from a heavy fabric, use smaller and lighter jewelry

If you’re looking for a smaller bag to go with your outfit, stick with one that is made from a light fabric or leather. A lot of women are under the impression that their purse should match their shoes and belt, but this isn’t always true. Fashionable leather bags can be a go to option for any clothing or event. If you want to go for something more subtle and understated, try choosing a smaller bag in soft leather or fabric it will complement your outfit without being too much at all.

If your purse is made from heavy fabrics such as canvas or faux leather, opt for jewelry with lighter weights like gold or silver chains instead of thick strands made from diamonds or other gemstones (unless they’re very small ones). Also, consider choosing pearls over diamonds if they have similar textures and colors; this way you won’t look overdone.

Don’t choose a purse that’s too small and vice versa.

You should also avoid purses that are too small or too big. It’s important to find a purse that is the right size for you and your needs, and many people tend to choose purses that are either too large or too small. If your backpack is full of things, this can make you feel weighed down and uncomfortable and if it’s empty, then why carry around an extra bag?

On the other hand, choosing a purse that is either too small or too large will cause trouble when it comes time to use it. If your bag is too big for what you need on any given occasion, chances are there will be items inside that have no practical purpose in being there (extra makeup, old receipts). On the other hand, if your bag is too small for all of the things we mentioned above such as a change for parking meters or extra cash then this could lead to problems when paying for things because most places won’t take credit cards anymore.

The same goes with weight: if carrying around a heavy purse makes walking difficult then opt instead for something lighter, but don’t go so far as selecting an ultra-lightweight piece since those tend not only to be flimsy but also leave little room inside them even though they’re advertised otherwise (something I learned firsthand after buying one once).

Think of your outfit as one color instead of several colors when choosing a purse.

  • Think of your outfit as one color instead of several colors when choosing a purse.
  • Choose a purse that is neither too dark nor too light if you are wearing a white shirt or another light color. If you are wearing black, choose a darker-colored purse such as brown, red or blue. Do not choose an accessory that is lighter than the color of your clothing unless it has some kind of pattern on it to break up the contrast between the two items.
  • Choose a medium-sized purse if you are wearing an outfit with medium tones and patterns in it such as denim jeans and plaid shirts where there is no dominant color theme like green or gray but rather many small details that make up its overall appearance (for example blue jeans with red stitching at hemline). You want something large enough to hold necessary items but small enough not to overwhelm your look or feel awkward when carrying around throughout day-long activities such as shopping trips after work hours without feeling like someone might ask if “you’re alright?” because something about what they see seems strange for them due

Your purse can be both beautiful and functional at the same time.

A purse can be both beautiful and functional. But before you start shopping for one, it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of your bag. For example, if you’re carrying around a laptop and other items that need to stay protected from dirt and water, then it might be best not to choose something made from cloth or suede (though these materials can be beautiful). On the other hand, if you’re only carrying around small objects like cash and keys—and maybe even prefer them easily accessible at all times then there’s no need for an overstuffed bag with multiple compartments that’ll weigh down your arm.

Purses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles: Some are big enough for laptops while others have just enough room for an ID card; some have long straps that can double as handles while others have short handles or nothing at all; some are made from leather while others are made from canvas or denim; some are made with plastic lining their interiors. The list goes on. However you decide to use yours will depend largely on what kind of person you are but most importantly: Be sure that whatever type works best fits into whatever outfit(s)


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tips on how to choose a purse that complements your outfit. We know that this can be a difficult task for some people, but we think it’s worth taking the time to do so. After all, having the right purse will make you feel more confident in your outfits and isn’t that what fashion is all about?



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