Hairdresser- A Profession in Demand 

A person who is specially trained for hair cutting, coloring, and hairstyling is referred to as a hairdresser. They intensify a person’s look through their professional talent. In other terms, they are also called out as hairstylists. They are responsible for the grooming of the hair. Cutting and styling hair is not only necessary but also a part of fashion life now. These professionals help us achieve the desired look in no time.

The profession as a hairdresser includes both men and women who can work independently. Professional hairdressing is a well-rooted job. A hairdresser can either choose to work as an employee or can carry on his job independently. On the basis of their training, some are highly specialized in hairdressing techniques. Although in using the term barber generally signifies a male. But in this modern era, both males and females are trained for special hairdressing and choose it as their profession.

Minimum skill sets required by hairdresser expertise include:

  • Braiding hairstyles like Box braids, High pigtails, ponytails & fishtails
  • Wig Styling and fixation
  • Chemical relaxing and straightening
  • Perms
  • Artificial hair fixing
  • Expertise in hair coloring and dyes

You should have the best hairdressing qualification before beginning a career in the hairdressing industry. Join the practical sessions to learn a wide range of techniques that allow you to expand your skills under the guidance of industry experts. The most important thing is that a hairdresser should be ready to stand for a long time each day. Another important thing is that the hairdresser should have quick and excellent hands with eye coordination for a perfect trimming or cutting to create a perfect hairstyle for his client.

The Career Path: 

Before getting a license as a hairdresser and providing hair service one should have to achieve the following:

  • Completion of a post-secondary exam in cosmetology from an authorized school.
  • Completion of the minimum number of supervised training experience hours.
  • Payment of the license fee.
  • Passing an administered exam.

A good hairdresser is expected to have the below qualities along with the professional skill sets discussed above.

Good listener:

He or she needs to be a good listener as they need to cater to the specific needs of the clients. Every client is different from each other and everyone expects that hairdresser needs to listen to their instructions carefully and implement in their activities. Usually, clients take out a picture they desire to try on their hair. If the hairstyle is beyond their experience they should be honest and immediately let the customer know about it.

Updated about latest styles & fashion:

A good hairdresser needs to be updated about the latest fashions as all clients want to imitate current trends and styles of their superheroes and every time there are innovations in styles which is most sought after. The common people love to follow and idolize influencers. The stylist must be aware of all such famous personalities and the hair trends they have set.

Honest recommendations:

 Many hairdressers aim at earning money at the cost of their conscience and do not give true & honest feedbacks to clients due to fear of losing out clients. Though it is a risky area however he or she needs to be honest in their opinion and in case they think that they have better suggestions then they should recommend without fear. It helps in winning Clients’ confidence and trust.

Adaptability to modern tools & equipment:

There are new innovations done and new tools and machines are available which gives you an edge over others. Thus, every hairdresser needs to be ready to change with changing trends and mechanisms and quickly accept in his or her daily activities. They should be equipped with the latest technology in order to stand at the top of the competition. People prefer good brands and hence the upcoming brands must also be well versed by them.

Hairdressers now the days are becoming an important part of our daily lifestyles. This is because we humans are too much concerned about our looks and styles. Thus, their importance can never be ignored and we need to choose the best hairdresser for ourselves.

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