Cruelty-free is a term associated with the animal rights movements. It is a label on products not tested on animals before getting released to the public. Previously, cosmetics companies tested a variety of their products to ascertain if they could have adverse effects. Some of the animals that went through the ordeal included pigs, rabbits, and mice. The researchers could shave off their fur and rub the products or expose them to inhaling specific fumes. The animals would stay under observation for a particular period. The effect was excruciating pain, and in the worst-case scenario, some of them died. Animal rights activists formed a campaign to stop animals from suffering in the hands of cosmetologists.

Campaigns began as early as 1959 and have intensified as the days went by. Unfortunately, lack of information on the part of customers made them purchase such products blindly. Passively, the intent went ahead to promote these companies. Another aspect didn’t even care for as long as they got the kind of products they wanted. Luckily there is sufficient information out there in books and on the internet to educate the public. Consumers are aware. You will notice people reading the ingredients section before making settlements in any beauty shop. Advancements in technology have paved the way for alternative methods of testing certain products. Experimentation is a vital part of product generation. Exposing the public to untested products is a massive risk to bring about health and safety issues. But there have to be other methods that can get employed to achieve this goal apart from using animals. Before buying any new product, visit to check whether it is free from of any kind of cruelty on animals.

One of the options is using a reconstructed human epidermis. It has replaced the exposure of rabbits’ skin to harmful products. Other methods involve conducting tests that employ in vitro testing on the human tissue. These options are not only accurate but also economical. Above all, there are no lives lost in the process. The precise results have led to better effects and specific items suitable for the human skin. Knowing this information should create some level of awareness in every cosmetic user. Before making any relevant purchase, you have to evaluate the item you are picking and ascertain that it is cruelty-free. Below are the guidelines you should use when you embark on that journey.

Carefully Go Through The Label

First and foremost, every item that you intend to purchase should have a label. The information included in this part must have the company’s name where the thing originates from and the kind of products, whether a cleanser, moisturizer, or cream. These are guidelines that help you to clearly understand if you are taking the right product or not. Most people tend to look and not beyond the items. However, vital information is what you do not get to read. On the label, there must be an ingredient section. Ingredients are the components that get combined to produce the end product. These are critical, and not only when you seem to have allergies. You must understand every ingredient employed to make these cosmetics. In the case of uncertainties, immediately google to learn more.

Certified Vegan Products

Choosing vegan products is one easier chance of not falling for non-cruelty free items. Vegan means that a company only uses plant products to build their merchandises. Without much speculation, it is a guarantee of not a trace of animal ingredients in the item. However, please go ahead and read the label as advised on the initial step. Plant-based products are suitable for your skin. You will not find any toxic elements that may pose risks to your skin or other internal organs like the kidney. Commodities under these companies do not have any meat, fish, milk, and egg elements. Also, different by-products related to bees and other insects should not be part of it. Check on the seal as it will have information on the certification.


The kind of ingredients in any product plays a huge role in determining its effect on your body as some help boost cell regenerations through natural ways while others are toxic. You must understand them in-depth to avoid inevitable repercussions. While on a shopping spree, first go through the contents of the label. Take time and scrutinize the ingredients one after the other. Do not make any assumptions. There are some ingredients that you should always look out for in any goods. These include gelatin, lanolin, ambergris, estrogen, collagen, and cochineal dye, among others. They might appear to be useful, but they are not. Moreover, they contain high toxin levels, which have long-term effects on the body.

Nevertheless, not every company that claims to be cruelty-free is indeed operating as per the rules. A label saying, they aren’t working in a contrary manner isn’t a sufficient guarantee of cruelty-free practices. Animal torture is brutal and is under restrictions by the FDA. Reputable cosmetic companies have adhered to the rules and are now using the set alternative methods. In case you need any further clarification, you can always go ahead and contact the company. If the information provided on their products is unclear, then it is a red flag that should keep you off. Creating awareness and sensitization is also vital as more people want to know more about a product than what is in the container. Making the relevant assessments is a tedious process, but it is worth it. You can get the assurance of engaging a sustainable cosmetic company.



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