5 Surprising Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

Ask any new mom-to-be about their pregnancy-related concerns, and they’ll be sure to offer a long list of things they need to do before their baby arrives. For first-time mothers, especially, pregnancy can be a whirlwind of preparation and stress!

With countless worries on their minds, mothers have better things to worry about than their nutrition—which is where prenatal vitamins come in! With these simple supplements, pregnant women can ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need for their child’s development. If you’re on the fence about taking these pills, here are a few prenatal benefits to consider.

1. Reduced Risk of Certain Birth Defects

For most expecting mothers, one of the key benefits of prenatal vitamins is that it can help reduce the risk of certain birth defects.

For example, it’s important for moms-to-be to get enough folic acid early on during the pregnancy. This critical vitamin can decrease the risk of the baby developing neural tube defects by 50-70%. It may also help reduce the risk of the child being born with certain types of heart defects or a cleft lip or palate.

2. Prevents Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Pregnant women often need to take more iron during their pregnancy. If an expecting mother is anemic, it can put the baby at risk in several ways.

First, it makes it difficult for the child to get the oxygen it needs to develop. It can also increase the risk of an early delivery, or a baby with a low birth weight. A quality prenatal blend, such as Citranatal Harmony, comes packed with all of the iron a mother needs.

3. Enhances Calcium Levels

Calcium is a critical supplement for a growing child’s development, as it can encourage strong bones and teeth as well as a healthy heart. In addition, calcium is important for the health of pregnant women in general. Therefore, you should consider taking marine coral calcium supplements that will increase your calcium intake organically. In fact, some doctors recommend taking calcium before, during, and after pregnancy to maintain the health of both mother and child, making high calcium levels one of the best benefits of prenatal vitamins when not pregnant.

4. Boosts the Immune System

Both vitamin C and vitamin D can help boost your immune system, making them essential for new mothers. Though you can get both of these from your diet or from standing out in the sun, one of the benefits of prenatals is that it makes it easy for busy moms to care for their health on the go, ensuring that their immune systems stay strong throughout the pregnancy.

5. Prevents Nausea

Though many of the benefits of prenatal pills apply to both moms and children, it’s worth noting that one advantage can help with one of the most notorious symptoms of pregnancy: nausea. Vitamin B6 can help you reduce your pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. To reduce stomach queasiness, it’s often a good idea to start taking these supplements early during the pregnancy.

Experience These Prenatal Benefits for Yourself

If you’re an expecting mother, it’s hard to pass up on these prenatal benefits. With a simple supplement, you can help ensure your and your baby’s long-term health—with less worry and stress. To choose the right vitamin, be sure to work with your doctor to learn more about your specific health needs.

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