In the modern world, it can be difficult to bring positive energy into your life. You might be surrounded by negative people or stuck in a city you don’t want to live in anymore. But whatever the case may be, there are quite a few different ways that you can bring some positive vibes into your life. 

Want to learn how? Keep reading to discover more! 

Wear a Mala Bracelet

A Mala bracelet with AAA-grade crystals is one of the best ways to bring positive, high vibrational energy into your life. Not only do the bracelets look good, but they also provide you with a spiritual shield of protection. Whenever you’re in a difficult life situation or are feeling a little stressed out, you’ll be able to look down at your bracelet and immediately feel grounded. 

To get your crystal bracelet, use Shivoham. They have a wide range to choose from for men and women. 

Take a Break from Social Media

When you start to use social media too much, it can be very bad for your mental health. This is because you get stuck in a cycle of looking at other people’s lives, which then ultimately impacts your own self-esteem. 

So, if you’re a bit of a social media addict, try taking a break to improve your mental health. You’ll be able to reconnect with the real world while breaking the cycle of constant social comparison. 

If you notice that you feel better during your social media cleanse, then you’ll know that it’s an effective way to bring positive energy into your life. After all, the time you would normally spend browsing social media will be able to be used more productively, from spending time with friends and family to making improvements to your career.  

Look After Your Body 

Your body is a temple, so take good care of it! From daily exercise to eating healthy food, make sure to stay in control of a good routine. Remember, if your body isn’t happy, it will send signals to let you know. The moment you start looking after your body will be the moment you start to notice the positive difference it makes to your life. 

Meditate at Night

Have you tried meditation before? If not, it’s highly recommended that you give it a go. It’s a great tool for unwinding and de-stressing – plus, it will help you to feel more connected to the world around you. 

To get started, try these meditation apps

Treat Others How You Want to be Treated

No matter who you meet during your daily life, you should treat them the way you want to be treated. This will make you and them feel good, creating positive vibes all round! 

Also, here’s another pro tip: greet people with a smile! Although everyone might not return it, you could bring a little joy to someone’s day, and what could be better than that?

Live in the Present – Not the Past 

Sometimes, it can be easy to get stuck in the past, especially if certain events negatively impacted your life. However, doing this can lock you into a cycle of negative energy – which isn’t good. That’s why it’s better to live in the present – not the past. Doing so can ensure positive energy is a bigger part of your life. 

Change Your Posture

Lastly, make sure to change your posture. Your posture is a representation of how you feel internally, and it’s also something that people notice. Therefore, if you keep straight and put your shoulders back, it will increase your positive energy and make your interactions with people much more pleasant!



Manisha has always been passionate about writing. She has written her poems, short stories, and articles since her school days. In her professional life, she has worked as a journalist since 2011. Her passion for writing led her to write her debut book, Unhappy Marriage, which gained her many accolades. She currently lives in India.