Glam Pool Party Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Holiday!

Pool parties are such a fun way to celebrate with friends, whether you are at home in a sunny climate or away on vacation. If you have a pool party coming up, it’s time to start planning your outfit! This is the perfect opportunity to get glam and enjoy yourself in the sun. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find you a glam pool party outfit! 

Start With A Simple One-Piece or Bikini

When you are planning your outfit, start at the beginning with a simple one-piece swimsuit or bikini. It is often quite difficult to find a glam bikini or swimsuit that fits you perfectly, so keep it simple for your base and find a supportive and comfortable option that has a lovely shape. 

Try to choose a block colour at this stage, as you can add the detail later on. When you start with a bikini or one-piece that fits amazingly, then you can add the glam with the rest of the outfit. White is a classic colour that always looks amazing at a pool party, then you can go crazy with colour after! 

Focus On The Bottom Half

Next up, it’s time to add an accessory to your bottom half to finish off the main outfit. Usually, it looks amazing when you keep the top half simple with a plain bikini or swimsuit and then add drama on the bottom half. So, choose a short ruffled sarong, beach shorts or sheer beach pants for an on-trend look. Crochet beach pants are particularly in style, as you can see the outline of the bikini underneath whilst still feeling comfortable with a bit more coverage. 

This way, you will stay nice and cool as you aren’t restricted by any tops and then you still have something that makes you feel like your outfit is well put together. Don’t be afraid to be bold with colour, design and texture here, as you’ve kept it simple with your swimsuit so now it’s time to have fun! Think bright patterns and colours to really make you feel like you’re at a pool party. 

Keep Your Makeup Simple

Many people wear summer makeup to pool parties, however, it can irritate your skin when you are out in the sun all day and it can actually feel quite uncomfortable. So, don’t feel as if you need to wear loads of makeup (if any at all). If you want to, keep it simple with a lightweight tinted moisturiser, some waterproof mascara and a glowy highlighter. Don’t forget to look for makeup products that have SPF in them to protect your skin throughout the day! 

Although having lots of face makeup on might not be comfortable, this is a good chance to try out a new look when it comes to your eyes instead. Be bold with bright shadows and liners! 

Don’t Forget To Accessorise 

Now you’ve got a stunning outfit and gorgeous makeup, it’s time to accessorise! Starting with shoes, we wouldn’t recommend full-on stilettos as they aren’t exactly the safest option for a pool party. So, platform sandals are an ideal solution. They will be comfortable so you can dance all day long, but they also look amazing and are the perfect look for any pool party outfit. 

When it comes to your bag, it’s got to be a bum bag. You don’t want to have to worry about leaving your bag lying around and anything getting stolen, so with a bum bag you know you have everything in one place. Bum bags definitely are no longer what they used to be, as there are so many stunning patterns available from tye-dye to studded leather and also simple designs if that’s more up your street. 

Finally, be careful with the jewellery you wear as it is likely to get tarnished around the pool. Consider wearing glitter or rhinestones instead for a unique look that is definitely pool party appropriate! 

Final Thoughts

Pool parties are often some of the biggest events of the year, so you want to make sure you feel amazing in your outfit! Get glam and have fun in the sun with your friends.