We all are hearing about the cons of plastic bags. The worst part of plastic bags is that they can’t be recycled and can also lead to various health issues. Well, there are many things that don’t favor plastic. But you know what? You can’t deny that they act as the most convenient & functional packaging for businesses and consumers too. Still, over 500 hundred billion plastic bags are used throughout the world. The primary purpose is for shopping. Plus, the launch of plastic gift bags not only looks good when gifting your loved ones a beautiful present but can be put to several purposes. 

It’s wrong if we overlook the benefits. Let’s walk through some practical advantages of the bags. 

➤Good for Branding

Every business needs to go through a lot of expenses. However, plastic bags are an affordable choice for small-scale companies; otherwise, they need to bear much expense if opting for other bags. Plus, it’s possible to have your business logo print on the bags and also other information. Here, branding is easy to promote. 

➤Cheaper than Paper Bags

As discussed above, plastic gift bags are affordable. Nowadays, you have seen businesses shifting to paper bags (which is undoubtedly not a wrong choice). But for the companies which are hard to bear extra expenses can’t rely on paper bags as they cost you more. 

➤Quicker to Open and Pack

 Do you know plastic bags are pretty easy to open and pack? Yes, it’s true! Thus save your time when doing packaging for the customers. That’s why cashiers still use plastic packaging even more. Moreover, plastic, compared to other material bags, consumes less space which is a plus point for cashiers.

➤Durable and Weatherproof

Well, plastic is known for its durability, and they aren’t easy to rip up. Having plastic bags means one can use them for the long term and don’t react to many chemicals, which keep your items safe. That’s why people keep their essential items in plastic bags to shield them from water or any other liquid. 


Usually, plastic bags are biodegradable; however, it doesn’t mean they will be broken down in less time when thrown in the waste. The decomposition takes three years on average. The poor quality plastic takes at least 500 years to decompose. So, you can look for biodegradable plastic bags that are safe for the environment. 

➤Consume Less Energy

Another advantage of plastic bags is it’s manufacturing. In other words, when making plastic bags, less energy is consumed, which is generally 40 percent. This is quite less in comparison to paper bags which also cause over 70 percent solid waste.  

Ending Views

Above are some incredible pros of plastic bags, which are not only helpful for enterprises but also for consumers. One can make a good choice when using plastic bags, opt for the quality yet biodegradable one that will not harm mother nature to a great extent. 



Manisha has always been passionate about writing. She has written her poems, short stories, and articles since her school days. In her professional life, she has worked as a journalist since 2011. Her passion for writing led her to write her debut book, Unhappy Marriage, which gained her many accolades. She currently lives in India.
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