Haircare is surely a tricky affair. But in the modern and fast-paced lifestyle, hair care doesn’t get the priority it deserves. But do you think panicking over hair fall, premature greying of hair, dull and dry hair, would help in any way? Well, the answer is No. The only solution to all this is an addition to your hair care routine which is hair oiling. Though nowadays, commercial hair ads only confuse you, whereas natural home hair care always tops the race! But why is hair oiling important? So, hair oiling has mostly either been underrated or ignored practices in the modern-day lifestyle. While we want our hair to look flawless and remain healthy, we often forget to find time to oil our hair and scalp. We know your self-confidence is tied to the state of your hair and that’s why we suggest you oil your hair with Onion hair oil to give your hair the treatment and care it deserves! You may apply the most expensive shampoos and conditioners but if you don’t follow the basics to take care of your hair and scalp, the process is just incomplete! Oiling your hair moisturizes the hair and scalp, stimulating its pores to produce more natural and healthy oils! Let us go ahead taking advice from our grandparents who always emphasized hair oiling. But before you indulge yourself in buying hair oil, scroll down to know why oiling hair is important to hair and scalp!

8 Reasons You Might Not Know About Why Oiling Hair Is Important!

Chemical-based products only perform bits and pieces of what your hair needs. While adding oil to your hair care routine is very important, it’s also essential to know why! Apart from providing your hair with a great source of hydration, oil also provides the proper vitamins and minerals required to keep it healthy! Here are a few reasons to know why oiling hair is important!

Soften Curls:

The texture of curly hair is drier than regular hair. When the hair dries, it becomes hard and frizzy to manage. If you regularly oil with Coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil, this helps in managing and controlling frizz and gives you soft and buoyant curls.

Provides hydration to hair & Scalp:

Hair loses hydration due to exposure to the elements, as dry hair leads to huge hair fall. And one of the best ways to avoid this is by applying oil on your hair the night before and showering the next day. 

Nourishes your hair:

Natural hair oils contain vitamins and minerals which are very essential to hair health. All these essential nutrients are very good for hair maintenance when the hair gets exposed to all bad elements.

Prevents Hair Fall:

One of the benefits of why oiling hair is important is that it prevents hair fall. The benefits of hair oil include cleaning dead skin, revitalizing fine hair, exfoliation of the scalp, and nourishing hair. And all these prevent hair fall!

Helps in hair growth:

Hair oils help in improving hair growth and maintain great scalp health too. Wherever you go, oiling for hair growth and scalp health is considered to be a sure thing!

Lessens the risk of lice:

Dry and flaky scalp invites lice. But if you do regular oiling to your air, it also helps in removing dead skin and exfoliating the skin too. Good hair oils have antibacterial properties that help prevent hair lice!

Prevents Dandruff:

Dandruff comes to either a sweaty scalp or an overly dry scalp, this can be difficult because of pollution and dust that cause dryness. And when the oil gets applied to the scalp and hair, it prevents dead skin cell build-up which is another reason for dandruff!

Strengthen Roots:

Root strengthening is one of the major reasons why oiling hair is important. This exfoliates the skin, removes harmful toxins, clears hair follicles, and strengthens your roots immensely. Oiling replenishes lost vitamins and minerals to your hair and scalp which also makes the roots strong!

Add Hair Oiling To Your Routine & Make Way For Flawless Hair!

You may love your hair a lot but what if you don’t do anything for it? Our hair goes through a lot on an everyday basis and that’s why you should give great care and love to them! Hair oiling is a very important and healthy part of a routine and it shouldn’t be mistaken for any reason.  So, now that you know why oiling hair is important, get yourself one good natural hair oil and get ready to get gorgeous hair! 



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