Few brands have experienced as immense a success in as short a time as Off-White. The leading luxury streetwear fashion brand has lent its avant-garde, urban style to several unique capsule collections, taking brand collaborations to a completely new level. Virgil Abloh’s creativity shines particularly bright in the designer’s Off-White shoes, each model aptly reinventing staples to delve into visionary concepts… “Virgil Is Here”: let’s explore his legacy.

A Short History of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Shoes

When Off-White launched into the luxury market, pioneering in streetwear, it was just what the world needed. The history of Off-White shoes and apparel begins with Virgil Abloh. Born in 1980 to parents who were immigrants from Ghana, Virgil grew up with a passion for art, sports, and street culture. His mother was a seamstress and introduced him to the world of fashion. His father encouraged him to pursue engineering, which he did, graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completing a master’s degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

It was Virgil’s friendship with rapper and fashion enthusiast Kanye West that led him down the design path and to his first experimentations with clothing through the controversial Pyrex Vision brand. Off-White was born from Pyrex’s ashes in 2013, embodying Virgil Abloh’s wish to speak to a young audience and approach those who, like him, were fascinated by the universe of music, streetwear, contemporary arts, and the luxury market. His brand aims to represent “the grey area between black and white as the colour off-white”.

The Power of Collabs

From his first collaboration with Louis Vuitton — which later invited him to step in as Men’s Artistic Director — to his work with IKEA, Mercedes, the NBA, and McDonald’s, Virgil Abloh got to explore countless media. Yet some of his most memorable and talked-about ventures will forever remain Off-White shoes. Off-White Converse, Off-White Jimmy Choo, and Abloh’s extensive collaboration with Nike are among the brand’s most exciting projects.

5 of the Most Iconic Off-White Shoes

Sneakers — particularly Off-White Nike models — have become THE signature Off-White shoes. But the brand’s creative genius encompasses many designs, some of which come back reimagined every season to our greatest delight!

Off-White Nike Collabs

Off-White Nike Collabs

One of the most successful collaborations in the industry is between Nike and Off-White. From Jordan Off-White to Nike Air Max 97 Off-White and Nike Dunk Low Off-White, many amazing products have come out of this collaboration. The collection features creative shapes and lively colours, highlighted by all the attention to detail we have come to expect from Off-White.

Out Of Office Sneakers

These Off-White shoes are the height of luxury streetwear and have conquered even the most discerning celebrities. Available in high- and low-top, these trendy numbers alternate between a bold aesthetic and more subdued tones, catering to every style and preference. Pair yours with slouchy jeans like Healey Bieber.

Off Court Sneakers

 You could also go for an all-white jogger look with a pop of colour thanks to the distinctive label on the Off-White Off Court 3.0 High-Top Sneakers, like Rihanna. These Off-White shoes have a hint of retro flair that complements countless outfits.

Off-White Crescent Bootie Ankle Boots

Stylish and elegant, these avant-garde Off-White shoes know how to make a statement. Sporting a 3.9-inch high stiletto heel, a pointed toe, and a silver-toned metal insert on the side, these boots add gravitas to your most sophisticated outfits.

Off-White Leather Mules

Sneakers are not the only example of comfy-cosy Off-White shoes! The brand also offers velvety suede leather mules with anatomical insoles and tread soles. This very organic hybrid between a clog and a sandal sports androgynous lines. It pairs beautifully with joggers but is right at home alongside a casual-looking skirt or an airy summer dress.



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