We, humans, love to groom ourselves to our perfection. It is a nice practice to understand our bodies and notch them up to a point we find attractive, endearing, or charming.

Wearing jewelry is not a modern practice, though. Humans have had a peculiar liking for jewelry from ancient times. Jewelry brings a wave of pleasant shine to our existence in any setting. 

The glorious people from our glorious ancient times were not having a tediously strenuous hard time though for their jewelry; they simply had to order the Merchants and Smiths, and they were obediently ready to comply. 

However, now we don’t have the time as well as the power or simply the will to spend extravagantly. It costs an arm and leg to assign a professional person to care for our jewelry. 

Some obscure techniques can come in handy and save you a ridiculous amount of money. It is particularly applicable to nose jewelry, but- hey, you know what? It works efficiently for jewelry of all sorts. Yes, you read it right. 

Clean It Regularly

Yes, getting a nose pierced doesn’t take ages. However, after getting it fully pierced, the healing process consumes time in the fashion of a snail dragging itself. What you can do within the first few weeks of piercing is start cleaning it regularly. Mix water with a gentle detergent and dip the nose pin in it for some time to loosen the dirt as well as grime. 

Store It Carefully 

Let’s face it. Humans are insanely clumsy. Their hands leave the coordination of their brain now and then in the sinister form of -Oops, mistake! You could store it in individual packets or wrap each nose pin in regular tissue papers. A ring box can also be assigned to store your nose pin. 

Do NOT Touch The Stone

This is another careless blunder of people touching their pin by the stone. Just instilling a habit of touching the pin by its edges is a simple yet elegant solution to improve its shine.

Inspect Your Nose Pin from time to time

Although the nose jewelry is always present in the front of your face, you might not notice it. From now on, every time you take it off, consider casting a look at it to ensure it is all right and glimmering. 

Steam Treatment 

If your nose pin is of stainless steel, Kudos to you! You can clean your nose jewelry simply by putting it inside boiling water for a heartbeat or two. Simple yet effective to make it shine brilliantly. 

Antibacterial Soap

Cleaning the new nose ring with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water helps remove impurities and therefore helps the jewelry endures its shine. 

Ultrasonic Cleaner 

One can easily find a small ultrasonic cleaner on the Net. It is not expensive and is a simple way to utilize technology to our benefit. 

In the modern world, it is certainly not a gargantuan task to care for our jewelry. Educate yourself and behold the glimmering, magnificent shine of your jewelry.

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