Have you decided to get a tattoo? A tattoo allows you to create a unique own identity and look different from other people. Additionally, getting a tattoo makes you feel better about yourself and makes your self-esteem shoot through the roof. A tattoo will also make you love yourself more. The first step to getting a tattoo is to find a San Diego tattoo shop. However, you will appreciate knowing the following ideas on how to take care of your new tattoo. 

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Don’t submerge the new tattoo in water 

After getting a new tattoo, stay away from the swimming pool, hot tub, or taking a dip anywhere for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Exposing your new tattoo to too much water might cause damage. The skin works like a sponge and absorbs water. Doing things such as swimming with a fresh tattoo puts it at risk of getting waterlogged during the healing process. In a worst-case scenario, you risk infection since the water is less likely to be clean enough. Besides, pools and hot tubs have chlorine that might damage your new tattoo leading to peeling, drying, itching, and burning. 

Scratch the tattoo

A new tattoo is itchy while healing. However, avoid the temptation to scratch it however itch it feels. After your new San Diego tattoo, wash it using lukewarm water and antibacterial soap without fragrance. Afterward, pat dry the area before applying tattoo aftercare lotion or cream. 

Using an all-natural tattoo aftercare product will ease the itching. Keep in mind that scratching your new tattoo puts you at risk of accidentally peeling or pulling of scabs or skin. It also puts you at risk of bacterial infections. A professional artist will recommend the best aftercare product to soothe your skin.  

Pick scabs or peel the skin

Don’t pick scabs off the new tattoo. It puts you at risk of pulling the ink from your skin. This will leave you with a scar. Keeping the tattoo moisturized using quality aftercare lotion or cream lessens itching and scabbing. When the tattoo is 7 to 10 days old, switch to a natural tattoo healing cream, balm, or lotion. The ideal lotion is soothing, non-greasy, and hydrating to protect you from irritation and itching. Sticking to this will keep your tattoo bold and vibrant. 

Hit the gym soon

Working out and getting inked put strain on the immune system. Take some days away from the gym depending on how long you spend in the chair to get the new tattoo. This will allow your body to heal. Keep in mind that working out increases body temperature and sweating. These open skin pores increase the risk of pulling out the ink or getting an infection. There’s also a risk of stretching the inked skin while working out. This is likely to damage the tattoo during its healing state. 

Get zonked 

Mind your drinking after getting a new tattoo. Temptation is usually high to enjoy a celebratory drink after getting fresh ink on your skin. However, be wary of drinking before and after the tattoo to limit the risk on the tattoo healing process. Alcohol thins blood slowing the healing process of the new tattoo. It also comes with a risk of possible infection. Drinking alcohol inhibits the immune system with a subsequent negative impact on the healing process of the inked investment.  

Eat too much sugar and junk food 

Alcohol suppresses the immune system just like sugar. This encourages inflammation putting stress and lowering the capacity of the immune system leading to ailments such as cancer. Additionally, junk food negatively impacts the liver and immune system. A new tattoo is an open wound that heals faster and much better if your immune system is strong. So, after getting inked, mind what you eat. Avoid those sweet treats for a while after getting your new tattoo until it finally heals. 

Bonus tip

Avoid Petroleum or mineral oil-based products 

Most anti-bacterial ointments or regular Vaseline have toxins including mineral oil and petroleum. Don’t try to use these on your skin after getting a new tattoo. These are likely to make the skin suffocate while healing and damage your new tattoo by sucking the ink out of the skin. Those anti-bacterial products are better at treating a diaper rash but not healing your new tattoo. People rush to use them on a new tattoo because they are cheap and everywhere. 

Be wary of a tattoo artist who recommends you to use such products. Such a person is obviously stuck in the old times and times have changed. Today, being wiser is very important when selecting skincare products that have toxins. Products with mineral oil and petroleum are not made for use to heal a tattoo. The artist should recommend a natural aftercare cream, lotion, or balm. It is better to purchase this before you go for your new tattoo. 

Bottom line

Getting a tattoo requires investing money, time, and passion. After getting a new tattoo, you have to mind what you do to keep it looking great and vibrant. Equally important is to avoid anti-bacterial and petroleum-based products that might after the healing process of your inked skin. 



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