When your beloved daughter tells you she has accepted a marriage proposal from her partner, as happy as you are for your child, you will naturally also be full of excitement and nerves.

If your daughter is someone who tends to lean on the side of the dramatic, you will also understandably want to do everything you can to help control your daughter’s nerves, both in the planning stage of the wedding and, indeed, on the big day itself.

With this in mind, here is the mother of the bride’s guide to helping your daughter keep calm. 

Make Sure the Catering Is Taken Care Of

Whilst your daughter and her fiancé are busy making table plans and working out their wedding gift list to make the most of their friends and family members’ generosity, one exceedingly helpful thing you can do to help is to look into the different catering options. 

In your quest in avoiding wedding catering mishaps, you could suggest a variety of different meal and wedding breakfast options after having thoroughly researched catering companies and compiled a list of reputable and renowned companies. 

Become an Impartial Sounding Board

Another influential method of ensuring your daughter remains as calm as possible in the run-up to her wedding is to make sure you are always there to offer logical and practical advice, solutions to potential issues and, basically, to be an impartial sounding board.

Not only will this mean you feel involved in the wedding planning process yourself, but it will also allow you to intervene where necessary if a plan sounds too good to be true or your daughter seems to be getting ahead of herself when it comes to the budget. 

Reflect Positively on the Past

Hopefully, your daughter has not had to endure any particular hardships in her life thus far, but regardless, another way to ensure she remains grounded and objective during the wedding stage and to make sure her make-up does not run on her wedding day is to remind her of the positives in her life. 

Getting married, as you may or may not have experienced yourself, is a natural point in your life whereby you tend to reflect on what might have been, what has gone wrong, and what could potentially happen in the future. As the mother of the bride, it is your job to ensure your daughter has a positive mindset. 

Take Care of Thank You Cards and Gifts ASAP

Finally, even though this last point seems somewhat irrelevant to keeping your daughter calm on her wedding day, encouraging her to take care of the easier, more straightforward aspects of wedding planning and preparation can make a huge difference to stress levels further down the line.

For thank you cards and gifts for the bridesmaids, for example, ordering, paying, and storing such gifts well ahead of time will be a job ticked off the long list immediately and will make the larger tasks seem more manageable.

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