Dental issues can happen at any time. The important thing is to realize you have a dental problem and visit a Waterloo dentist. Everyone desires to have a beautiful smile with a healthy mouth. It shoots your confidence through the roof. In comparison, dental issues significantly lower your confidence. Various factors contribute to the high rate of dental issues today. Learn the following oral problems so you can seek professional assistance from a dentist. 


Commonly known as bad breath, this condition is very embarrassing and annoying. Bad breath might be a sign of another serious condition with your oral health. Sometimes, you might be lucky that it’s something easy to fix such as the food you eat or poor oral hygiene. However, for most people who suffer from bad breath regularly, identifying the problem is easy but fixing it is quite a challenge. Most times, bad breath results from bacteria in the mouth or a sign of periodontal disease in the early stage. 

Breath can also result from problems including cancer, illness, and infections. DIY solutions like rinsing the mouth work for a short while without unearthing the underlying problem. Bad breath that comes and goes or comes regularly requires visiting a Waterloo dentist for an appropriate solution. Discovering the cause of bad breath allows getting an appropriate permanent solution. 

Decayed teeth

Poor hygiene causes oral problems including tooth decay by encouraging plaque buildup. The plaque teams up with bacteria to cause decay that begins to eat away enamel. This progresses into the tooth’s deep tissue leading to cavities. You’re likely not to notice the development of cavities until the cavities become deeper on reach the tooth nerve to realize the pain. You can avoid tooth decay with good oral hygiene. Filing is appropriate to fix a cavity at an early stage. 

It is a good idea to consider cosmetic dentistry in waterloo to enhance your smile. Regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene will help you avoid tooth decay. Diagnosing a cavity early enough allows a single filing to fix the problem. Dental checkups after every 6 months are recommended. A cavity that forms inside or around a tooth requires drilling out the diseased part and filling in using bonding material. 

Mouth sores

There’s a chance of developing sores on the mouth including cold sores, canker sores, or sores resulting from bites on the lips, cheek, or tongue. Mouth sores are painful and embarrassing. However, most mouth sores disappear after a few weeks after using some over-the-counter creams to alleviate the pain. 

Mouth sores linger on for two weeks or more without signs of fading require visiting a Waterloo dentist immediately. Sores on the mouth can result from an injury when you bite yourself when chewing food. Additionally, the sores can result from bacteria in the mouth or stress. The dentist will diagnose the problem and offer an appropriate solution to heal the sores. 

Periodontal disease 

Sometimes this is known as gum disease. It is among the commonest dental problems. Gum disease has two stages including gingivitis and periodontitis and affects more than 80 percent of adults in the US. Gum disease results from bacteria getting into the soft gum tissue and causing infections. After spreading to the gumline, the damage extends to the teeth root and weakens the jaw bone holding the teeth in place. Periodontal disease is a major cause of tooth loss and has links to strokes and heart attacks. Besides, the infection can get into the bloodstream to damage organs such as the heart. 

Preventive care is essential in the bid to avoid gum disease. This includes keeping all dental appointments and following recommendations from your Waterloo dentist. When diagnosed with periodontal disease, the dentist will offer appropriate solutions to help you regain your oral health. Professional dentists usually have a cleaning and treatment procedure to help you get rid of gum disease. Regular checkups for 3 to 4 months are recommended involving cleanings to be sure that the gum disease won’t come back. 

Oral cancer

Cancer of the mouth is an extremely severe ailment that claims a person every hour according to Oral Cancer Foundation. Oral cancer results from various factors including poor oral health and tobacco products. Visiting the dentist for a checkup allows discovering any warning signs of the condition early enough. Fortunately, oral cancer is preventable but you have to take necessary precautions to protect yourself. 

You can visit a Waterloo dentist for cancer screening. This is very important since there’s a chance of misdiagnosing early signs of oral cancer for less serious oral issues like canker sores, painful gums, or bad breath. An experienced dentist will check for early signs of cancer and offer appropriate treatment to match your condition. 

Good oral is good for your smile and overall wellbeing. It boosts your confidence and ensures that overall general health. Visit a Waterloo dentist immediately you recognize any problem with your oral health is very important. Early diagnosis allows getting treatment before the issue escalates to cause significant health issues. 



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