How often have you stood at a store to buy footwear? Have you found yourself regretting a few purchases? With so many options available, it is fair that you are confused. You make the purchase and then find that it isn’t the correct fit or it doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. 

You must keep both fashion and comfort in mind while picking the pair out, be it the ladies chappal women or those stunning stilettos. There are some small tips to help you pick the ideal pair without many mistakes. We have put together a few common mistakes you can make while shopping for a pair of slippers. 

  • Size Matters

Most people, especially when in a hurry, pick the slippers by gauging the size by eye. They do not wear it to check for fit. That’s the reason it is suggested that you buy footwear when you have ample time in hand. 

A wrong size means not only that the money you spent goes down the drain, wearing them can cause your feet to ache. This is obviously a simple mistake that can be avoided. Wear the women’s slippers at home when you order online and walk around a bit to see if you feel comfortable. Make sure you walk on a clean surface to enable you to return them. It helps to check the size chart before picking the size of your footwear and adding them to the cart. 

  • Style vs. Comfort

When it comes to choosing either your style or your comfort, always pick the latter. Though those sandals are everything that you wanted, if it isn’t comfortable enough, trust us, you will end up in pain with shoe bites and blisters. You will not enjoy the event you wear them to. Prioritize your comfort over the style. You could be spending hours in that footwear.

  • Be Practical

Footwears serve a purpose, and if that is not met, then you shouldn’t be buying them. Think of the places you could wear this slipper too. Ask yourself specific questions like will it suit the occasion and place? Will I use it often? Based on your answers, you can judge if your spending is worth it. 

  • Wrong Color

Important tip – not all colors are wearable. We have heard enough to know that bright colors help you stand out in the crowd, but do you want to stand out? It is also worthwhile to remember that if a color suits one person, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on you too. So, wear them and see for yourself or ask your companion or the staff if they suit you. Also, pick a color only if you can wear it with at least three of your outfits.

  • Material

Impulse buying is something we all do. We often do not think about the material and skip that part entirely. When investing in footwear, you will want them to last long. And, when buying them for a particular season, you should be sure that they will stand the wear and tear of that season. 

Slippers are mostly made from canvas, leather, wood, foam, and rubber. The most durable ladies’ chappals for women are made from leather and rubber. If purchasing a women slippers with straps, go for the one with wide straps made from soft material. They prevent chafing. 

  • Return and Exchange Policy

Check out the return and exchange policy the store or the online seller has. Most of them have a flexible and accommodating policy, but not all. So be sure of it before placing your order.

  • Price

Discounts and cheap footwear may be attractive to buy, but they wear off sooner due to bad quality. Study the product description carefully when purchasing ladies chappal for women. Clearance sales offer good deals, but if you are not careful about the size and quality, you are making a mistake. Never think you can compromise on them for a few bucks. 

  • Sandals that Bend in Half

When you pick your sandals, you must not pick the pair that easily bends in half. This happens mostly with basic flip-flops. Wearing them regularly can lead to foot problems. 

Any footwear that bends in half isn’t giving your feet the appropriate arch, has no or minimal shock absorption has zero or less protection from the ground, and leads to increasing the risk of injuries. Buy the sandals that do not bend in half and stay safe.

No More Mistakes

The trick is easy. Keep these common mistakes in mind while buying quality products at the best price. When buying ladies chappal for women or fancy footwear, these tips will help you make a good purchase. You will stop complaining about your recent footwear purchase to your friends!



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